Oakley Frogskins vs Ray Ban Wayfarer

Ray Ban Wayfarer and Oakley’s Frogskins are timeless classics that are quite similar in shape. They both also come in different sizes. In addition, the materials used differ from each other. So it’s worth comparing both classics before buying. This article lists the differences and similarities of the Frogskins and Wayfarers. After reading this article, you will know whether the Frogskins or the Wayfarer is the right choice for you.

The Oakley Frogskins differs from the Ray Ban Wayfarer already directly when touching the weight. The Frogskins is about half the weight of the original Wayfarer and also noticeably lighter than the New Wayfarer. Especially if you get faster marks on the bridge of the nose can make a difference in terms of comfort.

The difference in weight is caused by the different materials. Both Wayfarer variants use genuine glass lenses, which are extremely resistant to scratches. The disadvantage is of course that glass lenses can shatter. The Frogskins on the other hand use plastic lenses that are very impact resistant and do not shatter but can be scratched very easily. These plastic lenses are much lighter.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the similarities and differences between the two classics.

Ray Ban Original WayfarerOakley FrogskinsRay Ban New Wayfarer
Size of the lens and bridge50/22; 54/1855/17; 57/1652/18
Total Width of glasses140 / 147141; 140135
Temple length150; 150133 mm; 143 mm145
Weight45 g / 46 g22 g / 25 g33 g
Lens materialglassplasticglass
Material of the FrameacetateO Matter (plastic)Nylon (plastic)
Material of the hingesmetalplastic; metalmetal
Asian fit option availableyesyesyes
Base curve of the lenses444
Model CodeRB 2132OO 9013; OO 9444RB 2140

Style of Ray Ban Wayfarer vs Oakley Frogskins

The design of the Frogskins and the original Wayfarer are very similar. Both glasses sit in a very forward-leaning on the nose due to the angle between the temples and the middle part. More precisely, it is about the pantoscopic tilt.

This tilt gives both glasses something very classic. In addition, the low curve of the sunglasses lenses, which leads to the fact that the sides are very open. This makes the sunglasses look more casual and less sporty. However, the open sides let more UV light to the eyes compared to a more wrapped around style of sunglasses.

The Oakley logo on the sides of the temples is way more dominant compared to the Ray Ban logo. However, from the front, the Frogskins look cleaner in regards to the design because they do not have the metal riveting the Wayfarer has on the temporal sides.

The photographs show me wearing the Oakley Frogskins on the left and wearing the Ray Ban New Wayfarer on the right.

When it comes to the new wayfarer the pantoscopic tilt is smaller. That gives the New Wayfarer a more modern look. In addition to that, the temporal sides are less dominant when it comes to how much they stick out on the sides.

On the right side you can see the bridge of the Oakley Frogskins. On the left you can see the bridge of the Ray Ban Way Farer. Both Wayfarers have the same regular style of the bridge while the Frogskins has a keyhole bridge which not as many people like.

Durability Wayfarer vs Frogskins

In general, when the sunglasses will get used a lot both wayfarers will end looking better compared to the frogskins. The least durable part is the lenses. Sunglasses fall and even when you care for them perfectly you will see scratches over the time on plastic lenses. And the Oakley Frogskins has plastic lenses. Very light weight but the surface is not durable at all when it comes to scratches.

The big advantage of the plastic lenses of Oakleys is the high resistance to an impact. Oakley lenses protect your eyes very well in extreme conditions. This way you may spend another 50$ after one or two years for replacement lenses but at least your eyes are safe. In comparison to the lenses of the Frogskins, the Wayfarer lenses are made out of actual glass which makes the lens surface incredible durable but when the sunglasses are hit with something they could shatter.

Although shattered sunglasses may be a concern to a lot of people many wearers of the Ray Ban Wayfarer love the durability and the resistance to scratches of true glass lenses. Even after a lot of years and not the best care the lenses of the Wayfarers look great in most cases.


Most people feel the difference whether they have glasses on their nose that weigh 46g, 33g, or only 22g. Especially if you are sensitive to the fit of the glasses on your nose, it might be worth buying the Oakley Frogskins. The comparison of the Frogskins to the original Wayfarer is very noticeable while most people do not see the weight difference between the New Wayfarer and Frogskins as a decisive purchase consideration.

Prescription Lenses From Ray Ban and Oakley

Both the Oakley Frogskins as well as the Ray Ban Wayfarer are available with prescription lenses. You can buy them even directly from Ray Ban or Oakley without the need for a detour to your optician. The Ray Ban Wayfarer is available in a bigger range of prescriptions. You can get them with a myopia of -6.00 diopters up to hyperopia of +6.00. In comparison, the Frogskins are only available from -3.00 up to +2.00.

Of course, when you use traditional lens labs like your optician uses when you order at a local shop the available lens power is far higher. In addition to that Ray Ban wrote on their website if your lens power is higher than plus or minus 3 your pupillary distance is required.

Please insist on the measurements of your pupillary distance are always used. The same is true for the height of the spots where you look through the lenses. If you want to know more about how to measure your PD I have an article here for you.

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