About Michael Penczek


My training as an optician began in 2003 at Born Brillen Optik in Mannheim. I had done an internship beforehand and it was immediately clear to me that I would become an optician. During my apprenticeship, I had the first few ideas about how I would alter progressive lens surfaces to further finetune them for my clients.

These moments in class in the Balthasar Neumann School are still very present when our teacher told us about the different lens designs. But it took more than a decade until I finally got the patent for progressive lens design.

In the years in-between after I finished my apprenticeship I worked as an optician and went back to school. When I got my Abitur in 2011 I thought university would be my next stepping stone in life. But it was not. I truly love my job and work with people. That´s why I decided to focus my energy on my own ideas when it comes to making progressive glasses.

I just hated the misleading sales brochures from manufacturers when it comes to the “clear field of view” and thought about presenting lenses in a more realistic way. Also, I wanted to have time for my customers so I scheduled enough time for each customer. That was when I decided to go self-employed and do things the way I wanted them to be.

So I bought a really small optical Shop in Mannheim Wallstadt it’s called “Die Brillenmacher Wallstadt”. Silmoutanesly, I decided to go to a master’s school for craftsmen in Karlsruhe (BFW). Things grew over time a little and in 2019 we bought a second Optical Shop in Mannheim called “Die Brillenmacher Waldhof GmbH”. When I say we I mean with my wonderful wife.

I have a few ideas for our team and really like to share my thoughts on things in the optical industry as I did back in 2018 in a course to teach opticians how to fine-tune progressives and bifocals for myopia care. So if you have some information for me on how I could further fine-tune my lens fitting skills I am always thankful for fresh insights.


Hanging around with my family and friends is one of the most precious things in my life. It is funny to me to know someone for the bigger part of your life and all of a sudden he or she plants a new seed in your mind. A new idea or belief in something that grows over time.

My daily routines are extremely boring for most people. I am usually in my shop at most working hours and schedule my powerlifting training here and there. Before and after work my family is my priority and when they are at sleep I am usually working on a side project like open-air cinema in Wallstadt which is always a lot of fun to me.

But trust me I love my routines. My staff is sometimes stressed out because of the playlist that goes on and on day by day. And most of the time it is the same awesome coffee house playlist. But like I said routines are my thing. If you visit us no matter when chances are pretty high you will hear this playlist.

Usually, one of my closest friends Marius Mischke manages all the media content on pretty much every project and can’t thank him enough for that.