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With progressive-glasses.com we provide knowledge around progressive lenses for people with easy to understand buyer guides and problem-solving articles.

Our Story

We bought this domain in 2019 as a project to get more information out there about progressive lenses. If you ever had a problem with them or you wanted to know a little more about them most of the information you will find is very technical and specifically written for people with a background as an optician.

That is exactly what we want to change here. The articles here should be easy to understand to empower customers if there is a problem with their progressive glasses. This website is owned by Die Brillenmacher Wallstadt and most of our customers are based in Germany. But we receive questions from everywhere in the world and that is why we decided to provide more information in English too.

A lot of the information you will find here is based on the learnings we had in our local optical shop. We as opticians are very centered on our work around progressive lenses since our start in 2014. That is also the year in which Michael Penczek the owner of the shop registered a patent for progressive lenses (DE 10 2008 022 010 B4).

So with all, we learned about progressive glasses and progressive lenses for past years we want to share our information here on progressive-glasses.com.