Are Eyezen Lenses Worth It?

Eyezen lenses can do a great job supporting your near-distance vision. They make it easier to read and play for long hours and are a good choice for you if you are constantly switching screens. When your eyes need to adapt to different distances within your arms reach your eye muscles are constantly a bit more tensed compared to looking out into the distance.

This is exactly where the Eyezen lenses from Essilor shine. They have an area in the lower half of the lenses that supports your eyes when looking at a distance closer to you. Your eyes focus at those distances when you use a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Especially people under the age of 40 oftentimes mention digital eyestrain. And this is exactly the user group for Eyezen. The lenses help reduce eyestrain by relaxing helping the eye muscles relax a little. They are available in two lens designs. The first one is the Eyezen start. The eye zen start has no change in lens power but an additional optimized area in the lower half to reduce aberrations while reading.

In contrast to the Eyezen Start, the Eyezen boost shows a change in the lens power in the lower half of the lens. This change supports your eyes while reading. There are four options available which you can see listed below.

  • Eyezen Start
  • Eyezen Boost
    • 0.40 D
    • 0.60 D
    • 0.85 D
    • 1.10 D

The higher the number gets the more the lenses will relieve eye strain by giving you more support looking at a close distance. When your eyes feel tired after work it is worthwhile giving those lenses a try. I personally had good experiences with the lenses in my optical shop. In this article, you will learn more about when Eyezen lenses will work great for you and what the different options are.

Experience With Eyezen Lenses – When To Choose Them and When Not

The Eyezen boost especially with the 0.85D and 1.1D options showed a noticeable relief in regards to the eye strain of my customers. But those lenses are not needed by every person under 40. During the eye test when the opticians check if reading support is necessary or not he or she can add a little plus lens power to see if a little change in the prescription would relax the eyes. When the reading power is added and the wearer with the testing frame notices no difference the eye zen boost will bring no benefit.

But a lot of people notice their eyes feel a bit more relaxed with the “boost” the Eyezen lenses provide. Then if the difference is clear during the eye test it makes sense to buy the Eyezen boost. The optimization the eye zen start provides is more noticeable with prescriptions higher than two diopters. Lower than that there will be no difference to ordinary single vision lenses.

Speaking of higher prescriptions, when lens power needs to be higher than 4 diopters oftentimes the f360 option is a great way to reduce blur/aberrations in the periphery and the center of the lenses. Without the f360 option, the Eyezen lenses will be optimized to an average position of wear.

This approach works great for people with prescriptions below 4 diopters because they do not experience changes in their vision as fast when the glasses are more or less tilted in their face. The same counts for the distance in which the lenses are positioned in front of the eyes.

A person with higher myopia or hyperopia can tell what I am talking about. There is just one position in which the glasses work best. And the f360 option optimizes the lenses specific to the individual distances and angles produced by how the glasses sit in your face.

Are Eyezen Glasses Progressives?

Eyezen glasses are not progressive lenses. The Eyezen Start is a pure single vision lens. There is oftentimes the misconception of the eye zen boost being progressive lenses. This type of lens has additional reading support but is based on a single vision design. This way the added reading power is not as high compared to progressive lenses and the clear field of view is bigger with eye zen lenses.

When the Eyezen boost is chosen with the 0.85 D/ 1.10 D option and you lay way back down while watching TV your TV will be a bit blurry. Because when you look through the lower half of the lens which is made to relax your eyes for closer distances a slight blurriness will be noticeable.

When you sit upright you look through the upper half of the lens and then of course your TV will appear sharp.

What Options Do You Have With Eyezen What Are the Differences?

Despite the already mentioned options in the lens designs, you can get additional blue light blocking with the Crizal Prevenzia. Personally, I would rather go with the Crizal sapphire UV as it has a less dominant reflection on the back and front surface of the lenses. My personal view on blue light filters is a bit critical. If you want to read more about them I have an article here for you.

In this article, you will find out when to buy blue light filters and what the differences are between them. But back to the coatings, you can get with the Eyezen lenses. The Crizal Prevenzia comes with a noticeable violet glare on them.

The added blue light filter affects the perceived colors. So when you need to work with colors this option is not recommended for you. Despite everything looking a bit more yellow the Eyezen lenses also look a little yellow when someone is looking directly at you. When you just want clear normal lenses without the blue light filter coating the Crizal sapphire UV will give your Eyezen lenses just a very subtle dark blue reflection which is barely noticeable.

You can order the Eyezen lenses in all materials from Essilor. The higher the index after the material name the thinner your Eyezen lenses will be. I wrote down general recommendations when to choose which lens material.

  • Orma (n1.5)
  • Airwear (n1.59)
  • Ormix (n1.60)
  • Stylis (n1.67)
  • Lineis (n1.74)

Most people choose the Ormix material with their lenses. Thanks to the higher refractive index compared to the Orma material your lenses get up to 30% thinner. The optical quality of the lenses is higher compared to the Stylis and Lineis material due to the higher Abbe value.

So here you have my recommendations and experiences with the Eyezen lenses. I hope you found the information about the lenses you were looking for.

I wish you a great day.

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