Are Gucci Sunglasses Worth It?

In this article you will learn more about Gucci glasses and the different variants. Also we ask the question if Gucci glasses are worth it?

Gucci glasses in general have a certain prestige due to the label. The quality of workmanship is very good. But the materials used and the quality of the frame is not better than brands that cost half as much.

But then, of course, these are not Gucci glasses. For example, the arms of the plastic Gucci frames are embedded in the plastic. At a price of about 300$, you can expect that the anchoring of the temple is high quality and riveted. This is not the case, however, on the opposite side there is usually only a decorative rivet.

So you get more for the same money with other manufacturers. The same applies to the sun lenses, which are made of plastic. Glass lenses would be much more durable. However, they are also heavier. However, the materials themselves in Gucci glasses are high quality and the glasses feel very good. One must also say that Gucci is not meant to be performance eyewear and is rather produced for fashion affine customers.

And of course Gucci has a great sense of trends. More precisely, Gucci redefines trends and others copy them later. The designs of Gucci in combination with the interplay of colors simply look classy.

So it’s more the little details that make a pair of Gucci glasses or sunglasses special. Take a look at the decorations inside the temple. You usually don’t get to see that with other manufacturers.

Finest details shown on the temple of Gucci sunglasses.

Are Gucci Sunglasses Plastic?

Gucci uses Optyl or Acetate in its plastic frames. The lenses on sunglasses are also plastic. Mostly polycarbonate is used for the lenses which is very susceptible to scratches but has a high impact resistance and does not break.

Acetate and optyl both feel very good and adjust well to the anatomy although both have very different properties. Acetate eyewear typically has some aging of the material. However, only after several years. How quickly this aging process takes place also depends on the composition of the sweat instead of the wearer. Optyl, on the other hand, ages less. When heated, however, it always bends back to its original shape. For this, however, the glasses must be heated very strongly.

If we are already talking about strong heating, then there are also other special properties of the Optyl frames. For example, if acetate frames are scratched, they must be sanded and polished to get the scratches out again. However, if you have a pair of Gucci glasses made of Optyl, all you have to do is heat them to 266°F/130°C and the scratches will disappear all by themselves. That’s definitely cool.

Gucci Mirror Coatings

I already mentioned at the beginning that the Gucci brand is produced much more for people who are strongly interested in fashion. This is exactly what can be seen in some of the coatings. There are coatings that show the Gucci logo several times on the surface of the glass. Wearing that alone is a matter of opinion. But the problem with that is that the coating also slightly changes the contrast and tint level.

So when you look through these types of sunglasses from the back, you can perceive where the Gucci labels are on the lenses. So if you as a wearer do not value optical quality in your sunglasses then you can add this coating. You can not miss them. The other lenses are classic good sunglass lenses.

The photographs show gucci coatings on the front side of the lenses on the left. On the right side you can see the backside of the lenses.

However, if you want to have increased contrast then I would rather go for other sunglasses.

Are Gucci Sunglasses Polarized?

At Gucci, there are sunglasses that are polarized and those that are not. You can recognize the polarization by an additional P at the end of the Gucci lettering.

The image shows how to spot polarized and nonpolarized Gucci sunglasses.

What Do Gucci Sunglasses Come With?

Gucci glasses come with the follwing accessories:

  • Authenticity card
  • Hard case
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Microfiber vault

Depending on the model of Gucci sunglasses you buy the hardcase changes from artificial leather one to a velvet hard case you can see in the picture below.

The photograph shows a velvet hardcase from Gucci and a microfibre vault.

Does Luxottica Make Them?

No, Kering Eyewear produces Gucci sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. More specifically Safilo produces Gucci eywear and since 2016 Kering eyewear does the marketing and distribution. Before that Gucci terminated their licensing agreement with Safilo, which is a competitor to Luxottica. Safilo also produces them in Italy.

In this video Gucci sunglasses are reviewd. What you can see is also how scrapes get removed when heat is applied to the frame.

Who Should Buy Gucci Sunglasses?

If you value the latest trends and fine details, which are also reflected in the entire Gucci collection, then Gucci sunglasses are just right for you. You are with the current collection so fully on trend.

However, when it comes to the quality and durability of Gucci sunglasses then you will probably get more durable and higher quality workmanship at other brands for half the price. The question is simply what you value more. That is deifently highly subjective. One thing to add if you are looking to get an discount.

Gucci sunglasses you can get more often with hefty discounts at the end of a season, because they are fashion products first. What is missing then, however, is of course when you buy your Gucci sunglasses late in the season you will not be among the trendsetters. But other than that you get the same quality and the same prestige and usually most people are not as much into Gucci sunglasses to recognize if you wear a Gucci model from this or last season.

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