Can I Cancel My Glasses Order?

You have the possibility to cancel your ordered glasses in many stores. However, the return and refund policies are very different in the stores. It is therefore important to be clear about the consequences before buying.

For example, there are stores where there is no possibility to cancel the order. In other stores you can still return the glasses during a certain period of time (usually 30 or 60 days). In very extreme cases it is possible to return the glasses even without a certain time limit.

What happens after a cancellation also depends on the refund policies of the respective store. For example, you may have to pay a certain part of the order value if you do not want to receive the order anymore. In other stores, a canceled order is not a problem and you will not be charged.

How Long Can You Refund Glasses?

The time you are allowed for a refund varies from optical store to optical store. So it is strongly recommended to read the return policy of each store before you buy. Some stores do not offer a refund while others offer 60-90 days or even a lifetime to return goods you are not satisfied with.

How Do I Return Glasses?

If you do not want the ordered glasses, you should contact the optician directly. In fact, the lenses are usually ordered within a few minutes after placing the order. The order is automatically received by the manufacturer and goes directly to the production line. This means if you cancel the glasses, the optician will still receive the lenses, which were made just for you, and will therefore bear the cost.

No business wants to have dissatisfied customers. What is the reason for canceling your order? Just talk openly with the optician. The optician is also not interested in having an unsatisfied customer. So, of course, the situation is unsatisfactory for both the customer’s and the optical store’s side. However, a customer who does not wear the glasses will not make further recommendations. And this is one of the most important marketing tools for opticians.

So what reason is there for the cancellation?

  • Were the glasses selected incorrectly? Do you not want a tint?
  • Do you not like the color of the frame?
  • Was there something that bothered you or was missing during the measurement?
  • Were you not treated well?
  • Is the price too high for you to pay at once?

For many of these problems there are solutions. For example, the optician often has a compatibility guarantee. This means that if you do not get along with the glasses or lenses, they will be exchanged for a configuration that is compatible for you.

For example: you have ordered photochromic lenses that automatically darken in sunlight and you regret the order? Then you can exchange them without problems in an option without tint if you say that you have imagined quite differently and do not want this tint.

If the optician refuses to cancel the lenses because, for example, a tint is present, you can try to contact the manufacturer of the lenses directly. Sometimes you will find out that an exchange is possible after all. So you see there are different possibilities. You should only be communicative.

If you do not like the frame, you could possibly choose a different color or a different frame. Depending on whether the optician agrees to change the order or a cancellation. important is that you simply address your problem directly.

Everybody wants to be treated well. And of course Optical stores live from the purchases of the customers. For this reason, the damage of a bad review would be much greater for a store than a simple cancellation of the glasses. When the optician cancels the glasses, he incurs costs ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. However, bad reviews weigh more in the long run, especially in the age of the Internet. The store has the opportunity to show its best side again with a cancellation.

If the price is too high, it may be possible to pay for the glasses in installments. Many stores also offer financing to their customers without an additional charge. Everyone has had a bad month or a financial bottleneck. Talking about it openly is the best thing for both parties.

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