Cartier Glasses – Everything You Need to Know

The popular Cartier fashion label was founded in Paris in 1847 by jeweler Louis-François Cartier. Then in 1899, he opened his first store in Rue de la Paix, and since then Cartier stands for high-end luxury and unparalleled attention to detail. Their eyewear is hand-finished and each piece is crafted to perfection. In this article, you will learn more about Cartier glasses and eyewear in general.

As soon as you touch Cartier glasses for the first time you notice the superior quality of the built right away. Even most laymen do. Because Cartier eyewear is made of a variety of materials, including metals (titanium, steel), solid gold, and materials of exception such as Bubinga wood, buffalo horn, carbon, leather, and onyx.

The materials are valuable and feel very high quality. In addition, many wearers of Cartier glasses have them refined. There are really no more limits here. Precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires are perfect for this. You have an incredible number of customization options.

Why Are Cartier Glasses So Expensive?

Cartier is so expensive because the most valuable materials are used for the production of glasses. However, Cartier destroys products worth several million euros every year – but not because the goods have any faults or defects. Behind this is rather a targeted strategy to keep prices high. In this way, the supply on the market is deliberately kept low and the image of the brand in connection with the prices can be kept high.

Where Are Cartier Frames Made?

Cartier eyewear is manufactured at the Cartier Manufacture in Joinville-le-Pont near Paris.

Are Cartier Glasses Made With Real Gold or Gold Plated?

There are different variants in terms of the golden frames of Cartier. There are models from the solid gold and those that have been given a gold finish. The vast majority of Cartier glasses are not made of pure gold. The vast majority of Cartier glasses have a layer of gold that is 5 μm thick.

Where Should You Go to Get Your Cartier Glasses Fixed?

Cartier glasses should be repaired at an Official Cartier Dealer. The reason for this is the special spare parts that should be used for the repair of Cartier glasses.

For example, if other screws are used, the mechanics of the hinges can be damaged. Likewise, Cartier has specially decorated screws for some glasses, which you can only get an authorized dealer.

How to Tighten Cartier Glasses?

Authorized opticians who carry Cartier glasses also have special tools to fix the glasses. Because Cartier has special hinges and materials that are not otherwise found in eyeglasses. For this, the tools for Cartier glasses, for example, are provided with plastic inserts to protect the components of the glasses. This is especially important, as the wrong tool can quickly scratch the fine gold coating of the glasses.

Certain elements of cartier glasses can also not be adjusted at all with the conventional tools of an optician. Therefore, you should always visit an authorized dealer for the adjustment of the glasses.

What Are Popular Cartier Glasses?

There are many different popular Cartier models. These of course also change with the times and the current fashion. Unlike other brands, Cartier glasses are real collector’s items and are still traded after years although these are officially no longer available from Cartier for decades.
Here you can find a list of popular models of Cartier glasses:

  • Cartier Vendome
  • Cartier MUST Louis
  • Cartier Santos

Cartier Vandome is one of the most famous models of glasses. It is known, among other things, from the James Bond blockbuster “A View to a Kill” from 1985. This is a particularly distinctive pilot-style glasses with the three classic screws positioned on the bridge.

The iconic Cartier Must Louis is significantly narrower in terms of height compared to the Modell Vandome. The two glasses are also connected by a double bridge. None other than Sir Elton John wears these glasses with tinted lenses in his music clip for the song I’m Still Standing.

When it comes to popular aviator-shaped Cartier lenses the Santos is one of the models that need to be mentioned. It is also available in a more square-shaped option. You can see more of this model in the video below.

How Much Do Cartier Glasses Cost?

Cartier glasses without individual decorations (stones or diamonds) cost between 600 and 2500$. But there are no limits to individuality. If valuable stones are used for the manufacture of Cartier glasses, the price of a Cartier may well be between 50000 and 100000$.

Why Are Cartier Glasses Called Buffs?

Big Quis released a track called “White Buffs”. Quis is rarely photographed without his signature dark-tinted Cartier glasses (White Buffs).

What Cartier Glasses Do Rapper Wear?

The rich and beautiful wore Cartier as early as 1847. Today, more and more successful movie stars or musicians wear Cartier. However, you can see a striking number of Cartiers in the hip-hop and rap scene. Here is a list of rappers and the Cartier models that they wear.

Cartier ModelArtist
C DécorsPop Smoke
BagatellesRick Ross
GivernysMeek Mill
PiccadillyRae Sremmurd
IbizaFat Joe

Especially in show business you see certain Cartier glasses again and again. Due to the many individualizations, and materials in which Cartier glasses are found, it can be that the same model looks completely different on one celebrity as on another.

Especially in the hip hop scene, variants with a lot of precious stones are popular. This is also where the slang word “Iced Out” comes from. The term refers to jewelry or glasses that have been covered with diamonds. With such modifications, a Cartier naturally looks completely different. just as the owner would like.

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