Dailies Total 1 vs Precision 1 Contact Lens – The Big Comparison

in this article we compare Precision 1 day and Davies total 1 contact lenses. Both contact lenses offer unique features such as the different water content of the lenses in the core and near the lens surface. This makes the lenses both interesting for people who have difficulty with other contact lenses in terms of dry eye.

The Dalies total one is oriented on the market in the high-end segment and accordingly somewhat more expensive than the cheaper Precision 1. For this, the Dalies total 1, which has been on the market much longer, offers a significantly higher oxygen content and a lens design that in rare cases causes impressions. These impressions are checked with a contrast medium by an optician or ophthalmologist.

With the higher water content in the core, Precision 1 day contact lenses must draw more fluid from your tear film to maintain the shape on your eye. Since contact lenses always act like a little sponge on your eye, a lower water content is better for dry eyes. This is why Dalies 1 day is often preferred and can be worn for a slightly longer time during the day without causing a foreign body sensation or irritated eyes.

Listed below you will find a table with the different properties of both contact lenses. In the following, we will go into more detail about the differences between Precision 1 day and daließ total 1 and tell you about our experiences.

Precision 1 DayDalies Total 1
MaterialVerofilcon A, Silicone-HydrogelDelefilcon A, Silicone Hydrogel
Water content at the surface80100
Water content in the middle of the material5133
DK/t Value (oxygen permeability
Material propertiesnon ionicnon ionic
Back surface geometryspheric back surfaceBi-Curve back surface
Optic zone9.0mm8.1mm
Modulus0.6 MPa0.7 MPa
Wetting agentsCopolymers of polyamidoamine and poly (acrylamide-acrylic) acidphosphatidylcholine

Fitting characteristics of the Precision 1 day and the Dalies total 1

the part of the eye on which the contact lens rests is curved to different degrees. The cornea (the transparent part) has a different curvature than the white part (the conjunctiva). The Precision 1 has a uniform curvature on the back, while the Dalies total 1 has two different curvatures.

This does not necessarily make a difference for you as a wearer. But generally speaking if you have observed many adjustments with both lenses, the Dalies total one therefore comes with a better fit and a more even support.

The better support is usually noticeable only after a few hours. With many hours of wear, the tear film of the wetting namely becomes worse and the lens begins to dry easily. In some cases, marks or defective cells appear because the support is unevenly distributed on the eye. When the contact lens dries, the shape often becomes steeper.

Many customers then feel this as suction of the contact lenses on the eye if the lenses have been worn too long. This effect is more noticeable with the Precision 1 than with the Dalies total one.

Wearing Times for the Precision 1 and the Dalies Total One in Comparison

The wearing times for both contact lenses are determined exclusively by the fitting optician or ophthalmologist who has performed the control with a contrast agent. The reason for this is that, for example, in local stores or online simply 16 hours wearing time is specified.

But the wearing time can vary significantly from eye to eye. For one wearer, namely, drying problems can occur significantly earlier and then the wearing time must of course be limited. This can happen with both contact lenses.

In addition to the eye with the amount and quality of the tear film, it also depends on external factors that affect the wearing time. For both contact lenses, it also depends on the environment in which you wear the contact lenses.

As a rule, the eyes can be worn very well if you are outdoors a lot. Problems come with both lenses rather if you work a lot at the PC or in a room where the humidity is lower and an air conditioner or heater is running.

Experience With the Precision 1 Day and Dalies Total 1

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