Dailies Total One Review

This article is about the experience with the Dalies Total 1 contact lens from Alcon. The contact lens is very popular and often only the benefits of the lenses are mentioned and the marketing slogans are repeated. Of course, the lens has its advantages due to the oxygen permeable material and the different water content in the core compared to the lens surface can be a big plus. However, here we show once an experience that was less ideal with the Dailies Total 1.

The lens was worn for eight hours in our showroom and workshop. During wear, we had a room humidity of only 28%. This is not ideal but common in many offices. After only four hours, our test person (my colleague) reported that he could feel the contact lenses more on his eyes.

Over time, the foreign body sensation got worse until we removed the lenses after eight hours of wear. Here will now follow pictures with the dailies Total 1 on the eye and how the eye looked after removal. Some of the pictures were taken with a contrast medium to make defective cells or impressions visible, which are not visible in normal observation.

The picture shows an eye after the Dailies total 1 contact lens got removed. The contact lens was worn for eight hours.

The Dalies Total 1 left imprints in the white area on the eye, marked here below in the picture with red arrows. In addition, there were diffusely distributed cell defects on the cornea. Especially the imprints in the peripheral area are not optimal in the long run and especially when worn for a long time.

They show that the lens is too tight in the peripheral area. In the long term, this restricts metabolism. With the Dalies Total 1 it comes after many hours of wearing more often to the suction of the lens. This can happen to you with any lens if the lens is not the best fit for you and your wearing conditions.

For the eye above, the Dalies Total 1 was not the best choice. However, this can only be known after the eyes have been checked by a specialist. Especially in times of the Internet and reordering without regular checks, however, this is increasingly forgotten.

Are Dailies Total 1 the Best?

Dailies Total 1 contact lenses are definitely very good lenses but they cannot be described as the best lens that always works. For some people the lens works very well even over a long period of time and for others, the Dailies Total 1 contact lens does not harmonize with the tear film or the anatomy of the eye.

What must be said is that the special material of the Dalies Total one can harmonize better with eyes whose tear film is not optimal. Especially with drier eyes. But this does not have to be so.

If this contact lens also dries up it increases friction on the eyelid over the contact lens and irritated dry eyes are likely. And this happens with other contact lenses as well. If you want to find out if Dailies Total 1 contact lens is really the best contact lens for you, then you should have it tested and professionally checked.

The eye shows the almost invisible dalies total 1 contact lens on one eye.

A special feature of this contact lens in addition to the special material is the particularly inconspicuous lens edge. Here in the picture above, the lighting has not yet been optimized to show the lens edge better. On the picture, you could think that no contact lens would be on the eye. But the Dalies Total 1 sits on the eye. This is definitely a plus when it comes to the aesthetic.

How Long Can I Wear Dailies Total 1 Contacts?

The recommended wearing time of Dalies Total 1 is pronounced exclusively for you individually by an optician or ophthalmologist who has checked your eyes and the fit of the contact lenses.

Some contact lens wearers can wear Dalies Total 1 all day and have no signs of dryness or a foreign body sensation. In comparison, there are other contact lens wearers who want to take the lenses off their eyes after just a few hours because the wearing comfort decreases.

The reason for this is often the drying of the lens on the eyes due to a qualitatively poor tear film. What can have a positive effect on the wearing time compared to other contact lenses are additional wetting agents that protect your eyes from drying.

Dailies total 1 contact lenses release phosphatidylcholine (PC) on-demand, which is also present in the natural tear film. This wetting agent leads to a longitudinally more moist contact lens and can therefore also increase the wearing comfort.

Price Comparison for Dalies Total 1 Contact Lens

The prices for these contact lenses vary greatly depending on the provider. For the 90 pack, the cost can range from $60 to $120. Here it comes to the guarantees circled service and so on. The cheapest way to get the contact lenses (then, of course, without controls) is on the Internet.

If you want more information about less price intense contact lenses, you should consider Precision 1 day. This contact lens has similar advantages as the Dalies total 1 but is simpler in terms of back surface geometry and has a water gradient that is not quite the same as the Dalies total 1. The material is also less permeable to oxygen than the Dailies total 1.

In cases of extremely dry eyes, special contact lenses such as scleral lenses may be much more suitable than, for example, dailies total 1. This is because a soft contact lens will eventually remove moisture from your tear film. This is not the case with a hard contact lens. This does not have to soak up the liquid of your tear film like a sponge.

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