Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses – Are They Worth the Price?

This article is about the different configurations at Etnia Barcelona. There are differences in the sunglass lenses and for example also in the materials of the frames. After reading this article, you will have a better overview and thus a better basis for deciding which sunglasses might be better for you.

The sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona are very high quality processed. This applies to the lenses in terms of coating concepts as well as the craftsmanship of the frames. You will notice this when looking through them by experiencing more intense and somewhat gaudier colors and a workmanship in which the hinges and stops on the frame interlock perfectly.

Due to the range of different variants, we recommend anyway to put on the different variants and experience what it means to look through the contrast-enhancing lenses. After all, the filtering effects are different. Let’s start with the lenses to give you an overview of Etnia Barcelona sunglasses.

What Lens Configurations Are Available From Etnia Barcelona?

Etnia Barcelona sunglasses have the same coating package overall, but differ in glare protection due to polarization or self-tinting. The HD stands for a contrast-enhancing effect in the lenses and makes colors appear more intense when looking through the glasses.

Contrasts such as blue to red, for example, simply appear much more intense. Many who wear Etnia sunglasses for the first time also report that it seems as if the lenses are already built in strength. But this is not the case. The effect is caused by filtering out certain wavelengths. Here in the list are the possible designs.

  • HD
  • Polarized HD (maximum glare protection)
  • Photochromix HD (self-tinting)

We always recommend trying out the sunglasses with your different lenses first. It is often the case that you prefer a particular lens color because everyone’s contrast perception and what is preferred is slightly different. Here is a list of the colors available:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Many of Etnia Barcelona sunglasses are equipped with mineral lenses from the manufacturer Barberini. These lenses are on the market for the extreme resistance in terms of surface. The lenses are treated with rare earths to make the already very scratch-resistant mineral lenses even harder from the surface.

In addition, the sunglasses have UV protection up to 400 nm and have coatings that ensure that grease and water simply roll off. So the sunglasses have a complete coating concept of oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings and also have high quality anti-reflective coatings on the back surface.

Anti-reflective coatings are very useful for sunglasses, just as they are for normal glasses, because they prevent reflections from the environment behind you from entering your field of vision. In addition, this increases the contrast in everyday life.

The high-quality anti-reflective coating should be mentioned here, because in the past there were sunglass manufacturers whose anti-reflective coatings were not really good and produced stronger purple reflections on the back surface.

Does Etnia Barcelona Also Have Polarized Sunglasses?

Etnai Barcelona sunglasses are also available polarized. At Etnia, the polarized lenses are gradient or uniformly tinted. In a gradient, the upper part of the lens is tinted more intensively than the lower part of the lens.

This can be very pleasant when driving, for example, because it makes the speedometer appear somewhat brighter than the road. This is also the case on stairs or when you want to read something with your sunglasses.

However, with the evenly tinted polarized lenses, the glare protection is higher. This means that if you are in a place where the ground can be highly reflective, that you might perceive it as too much glare. Especially on the beach or water, it is often better to choose an evenly tinted lens in terms of glare protection.

Are Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses Also Contrast Enhancing?

Etnia sunglass lenses that have a contrast-enhancing effect are marked with an HD. However, which contrasts are most comfortable for you will only become apparent when you put them on and look through them.
Frame materials

Etnia combines high-quality frame materials. The classics are cellulose acetate, titanium and stainless steel.

Etnia Barcelona Workmanship

The quality of workmanship of Etnia Barcelona glasses is very high. The glasses are made in Etnia’s own factories and assembled by hand. If you draw comparisons to other eyewear manufacturers, you can say that the sizes and the material finish and the alignment of the glasses are simply much more consistent than other manufacturers who, for example, only serve as licensors.

You can just see that stops are wonderfully flush and hinges run perfectly and evenly. And that’s just not the standard.

In terms of workmanship, attention is also usually paid to sustainability. The glasses are mostly repair friendly and the supply of spare parts is unexpectedly good. Likewise, the glasses come in recycled boxes and have biodegradable bags that can be disposed of in organic waste to reduce exposure to plastics.

Experiences With Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses

The experience with Etnia Barcelona sunglasses and service has been consistently positive over the past few years. The glasses work uncomplicated and there are hardly any returns due to the high quality of workmanship.

Likewise, the experience is positively characterized by the direct contact with the company. And here wishes are directly addressed and implemented so that we as opticians can warmly recommend the glasses.

How Much Do Etnia Sunglasses Cost?

Most of the sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona cost around 220 $. However, there are also more special editions, which may well cost 280 $ up to 500 $.

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