Experiences With You Mawo Glasses Frames

With glasses, small things about the fit often make the difference between the glasses sitting comfortably or more uncomfortably on the nose. With You Mawo glasses we can adjust the glasses completely individually to you. With the help of a face scan, the support of the glasses can often be made more flat.

This ensures that the glasses fit perfectly and are as comfortable as possible to wear. By the way, You Mawo frames are also very light in themselves. Many of the eyeglass frames weigh only 14 grams. That is really hardly anything. You don’t necessarily have to take the customization.

This is optional with You Mawo eyeglasses. If you like the frame as perfect as it is in stock with us the frame can be purchased directly. With the individualization, however, the nice thing is that even with anatomical abnormalities such as a small bump on the nose or the desire for more or less pantoscopic tilt can be met the customer without the frame being pulled to bend.

The frames can be completely configured for you in advance and are then ordered for you. In the video you can see parts of the consultation process here.

Parameter diversity in the fabrication of Youmawo’s frames is great. While we opticians are already happy to be able to specify different lengths of temples when ordering from some frame manufacturers, here you can choose the following.

  • Length of temples
  • Size of the lenses
  • Bridge width between lenses
  • Forward tilt
  • Curve of the lenses to be ordered
  • Colors
  • Material thickness
  • etc.

Our opticians can tailor something wonderful for you. With companies, to which we have the direct line into the production, it usually runs simply. Exactly such a company is You mawo. With headquarters, manufacturing and development in Germany, it is easy for us to reach a technician to discuss any further changes, for example to the nose pads. But let’s go into a little more detail about frames.

The image shows you some options when it comes to the customizations of you mawo glasses frames.

Available colors for You Mawo glasses

In the list you will find the available colors for You Mawo glasses. All colors have a matte finish and only the Navy construction is a bit more intense. The other colors are more subtle and can be combined with many styles. The bestsellers are Walnut, Black and Slate Green.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blackberry
  • Olive
  • Navy
  • Rasberry
  • Bordeaux
  • Iron Grey
  • Slate Green
  • Walnut

Material from 3D printer

The material is actually a kind of polyamide dust. Using selective laser sintering, an eyeglass shape is lasered out of the fine polyamide dust. This high-tech process is really whacky, especially when it comes to complex shapes that need to be manufactured. What makes it special is that there is no excess material. There is no residue left over, like with filing or milling, as with conventional manufacturing.

This is efficient and sustainable. Above all, because it means that large inventories can be avoided. Spare parts can be easily reproduced. And one has hardly any limits in terms of fabrication possibilities with selective laser sintering (SLS).

Incidentally, the company name You Mawo is derived from “your magic world”. And what the founders produce in Constance is truly magical. Because unlike other manufacturers who also rely on the SLS process, You Mawo conjures away the layer buildup that is visible in many other manufacturers.

A short digression: before we took You Mawo into our portfolio, we looked at some manufacturers. As a rule, we were disturbed by the fact that you could see quite clearly that the glasses were built up layer by layer.

With other manufacturers, lines can be seen horizontally across the entire frame. With You Mawo, however, the manufacturing process is finer and thus the surface simply looks better, which always has a subtle structure.

Presentation and Virtual Try on

The Virtual Try On of the glasses plays in a different league than, what you usually know on the Internet. The frame lies directly on. We are depending on the situation, scan and anatomical conditions still convinced to use the final model to make a end the exact centering, but to get an impression of the size and the color is the Virtual Try on in the consultation great.

For example, before ordering, the optician can clarify how much the lens is curved and then have exactly this curvature in the frame made in advance. Someone who needs lenses with +5.00 diopters of farsightedness has a completely different curvature in the lens than a nearsighted person who needs -4.00 diopters.

As a result, the lenses fit more snugly in the frame than they would in a standard configured frame.

For example, some customers want the edge of the lens to be hidden by the frame as much as possible.

For this purpose, You Mawo glasses can be ordered the same model in different frame thickness. So the same shape is available with a filigree or stronger frame. This option is often popular with customers who need higher minus.

Service from You Mawo

Cooperation with You Mawo is fast and uncomplicated. As a rule, the processes are so fast and simple that we do not need to call and have the goods in a few days

However, if there are any arrangements or special requests, You Mawo will listen to them if it is technically possible.
Experience with the frames and availability of spare parts

The delivery time for the standard frames is a few days, while the production in combination with the desired color choice can take about two weeks.

Our experience with You Mawo’s frames, service and software has been consistently great. The frames are made in such a way that components can usually be replaced quickly, and the optician has spare parts in stock to ensure the frame can be worn even if there is an accident.

Smartly positioned, screwed of the hinges (not spring hinges) ensure quick replacement of the temples in case of breakage.

Prices of You Mawo Glasses

The standard configuration is priced at €379 while the customized version is priced at €449.

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