Eyeglasses With Bright Colors

Eyeglasses with bright colors wonderfully stand out from the crowd of one-size-fits-all. This article is about exactly such glasses that have special colors and what you should look for when buying, if you are looking for glasses with bright colors.

Manufacturers that usually always have quite a lot in their program in this area are, Frost Eyewear and Etnia Barcelona. We will go into more detail about both manufacturers in the course of this article. In the plastic area, however, the gaudy, deep colors are only produced with the Acetate material.

This plastic is also the classic plastic used in high-quality glasses and can be very well anatomically adapted. The materials sit here not only on the surface of the glasses, but permeate the complete glasses and provide especially with the transparent colors for a high-quality gloss effect that other materials can not offer.

In the plastic area, it is therefore very important to also pay attention to acetate glasses when it comes to bright colors. However, Frost Eyewear also has incredibly beautiful glasses with very intense colors in metal. Here, the depth and shimmer of the colors is created by multiple layers of coatings. You won’t get these metallic color elements from any other manufacturer.

Frost Eyewear produces in Germany, while Etnia Barcelona produces in Spain. Frost Eyewear is a manufacturer that still produces the frames in real handwork, while Etnia Barcelona is handmade in the finish. Both manufacturers offer a very high quality in combinations with colors that are worth seeing.

What Distinguishes the Glasses With Bright Colors of Frost and Etnia Barcelona?

The glasses differ mainly in style. Etnia Barcelona combines modern, common shapes with bright colors. The glasses can therefore also be worn very easily by people who do not want to have extremely flashy glasses. In contrast, Frost Eyewear glasses are sometimes much more unusual, with some even asymmetrical shapes.

In terms of bright colors, we would like to present a few examples here, starting with the glasses from Frost Eyewear.

Here you can see the model Hans im Glück, which shows a turquoise blue combination, made of acetate. Due to the production of acetate, the colors come out more brightly and intensively depending on the light, when the sunlight falls directly on the glasses. In the room, the glasses then appear again somewhat calmer from the color scheme. Each pair of glasses is usually available in different colors. Some of them are much calmer and also darker, while others are more colorful.

It is important to know that the glasses are actually made by hand and partially this can result in longer delivery times. So if you have the desire to look at Frost glasses, we always have a larger selection there. If you want to see something special, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance by e-mail before the appointment in the store, so that we can order something in advance without obligation to view.

Listed below we have for you another of the more unusual shapes in the range of metal glasses from Frost Eyewear. This model offers a green gradient shade, which also changes somewhat in the intensity of the color depending on the viewing angle. Basically, these glasses get a bit lighter from the bright green tone towards the bottom.

Now here you could already get a first impression in terms of Frost eyewear’s handmade glasses. Let’s now also take a slightly closer look at the glasses with gaudy colors from Etnia Barcelona.

Overall, Etnia Barcelona’s gaudy colors tend to be placed in elements of the eyewear rather than completely across the entire eyewear. Here, however, I would like to show one of the special models from the BRUTAL collection, which got its name due to the massive production method.

Especially with transparent shades and increased material thickness, the colors really start to glow. As a rule, there are always many colors available here as well. Some of them are then usually very intense like the green you can see here above.

A classic example of the Etnia Barcelona style is the sunglasses here below, which can of course be glazed with their eyeglass values. In general, with the Roy S Sun model, we have a very common shape and unlike the eyeglass frames shown so far, we don’t just have a very bright color incorporated here, but actually a bright color.

So while other glasses change color especially outside depending on the incidence of light, the glow also comes into its own wonderfully when you walk into the house. This is also a very special color combination that you won’t find at other manufacturers.

Depending on the collection at Etnia Barcelona, the colors are incredibly intense and there are very eye-catching design elements. Often, however, just these frames are only available in certain quantities and then just sold out accordingly quickly. So it is worth to be quick.

Please contact us in advance if you would like to see a special pair of glasses in a certain color and we will do our best to make them available for you.

For example, the sunglasses above are called Ignasi by Etnia Barcelona and are one of the limited edition frames. Not only are the glasses available in very eye-catching color combinations, but they also have wonderful shimmery eyes on the temples. So when folded, the glasses look like someone is looking at you.

We as opticians love such things and if you are also enthusiastic about glasses with intense colors, then you are welcome. Feel free to make an appointment with us and our opticians will be happy to advise and measure you. The duration of an appointment is usually set at 90 minutes, so that we can show you what choice there is for you in terms of lenses and, for example, glasses with very bright colors.

We look forward to seeing you.

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