Glasses With Asymmetrical Shapes

If you are interested in asymmetrical eyeglass frames, the market is stocked with quite a small selection. This article is about what we usually have in stock for you or can gladly make for you when it comes to asymmetrical eyeglass frames.

One of the manufacturers that make asymmetrical frames is called Frost eyewear and the frames are handmade in Sasbach in the Black Forest. You can tell the frames are handmade. There is a qualitative difference in the run of the hinges, how the glasses arrive aligned and in terms of the longevity of the frames.

In the case of asymmetrical frames, we can talk about asymmetrical frame shapes or symmetrical frame shapes with asymmetrical coloring. Both are possible or a combination thereof.

Often it is true that asymmetrical glasses just have to put on times to be able to say whether that, what is for the respective spectacle wearer. Because an asymmetrical with even tint can look much calmer and thus more harmonious in the face instead of in combination with an uneven tint.

However, some customers find that this also suits them very well. In most cases, it can be said that if the customer’s skin has a very even complexion, asymmetrical glasses with an uneven pattern can also be worn well. However, if there are a lot of freckles, for example, a uniform color scheme in the glasses often looks more harmonious on the face.

So glasses with asymmetrical shape can also look very calm and harmonious on the face. Most customers who are looking for asymmetrical frames also really want glasses and are also very fond of more intense colors. Frost Eyewear is the right place for you. The unique colors are made from acetates in the plastic area. This often also gives the frames a subtle shimmer, depending on the viewing angle, with a depth of color that cannot be achieved with other materials.

When it comes to plastic frames, the asymmetrical colorings are often predetermined because the asymmetry of the frames must be produced in combination with a plate material. In the case of glasses with a metal frame, on the other hand, you can also determine the asymmetry of the colors yourself. We will go into this in a little more detail in the rest of the article.

Individually Configured Asymmetrical Eyeglass Frames – What Choices Are There?

If you can configure something yourself, it always has a special touch to wear the once imagined then also in the face. With Frost metal frames, custom asymmetrical color schemes are also possible. You can choose from eight colors, for example, the rings (holders for the lenses) and thus make the frame look more or less asymmetrical.

The choice in terms of colors for the temples can then be continued asymmetrically or remain symmetrical. Just as you like. In terms of coloring, we often have many models there from Frost, where we can show you how the colors look live.

However, we do not have all colors in the asymmetrical glasses in stock and ask in advance especially if you have a longer journey to a short contact, so that we can prepare what you want in your new glasses.

Delivery Times for Asymmetrical Frames

The delivery times vary more when it comes to such special frames and may well be four to six weeks. Please contact us directly if you are interested in an asymmetrical frame, so that we can have the desired model in advance.

If the model in the desired color is already in stock at Frost, it will of course only take a few days until the frame is with us and you can try it on. However, if different lacquers have to be mixed first at the manufacturer, only one part of your glasses will be lacquered in combination with a batch of other frames. Therefore, it then takes time if asymmetrical color schemes are to be individually configured.

Asymmetrical but Discreet

In most cases, our customers look for eye-catching frames when it comes to asymmetries. However, a few customers also prefer rimless frames with asymmetrical lens shapes.

This means that you can pick out a rimless frame and we can, for example, change the shape of the lens to round on one side and square on the other, or create asymmetries for you by drilling or milling within the lenses.

In addition, in most cases, the asymmetry can also be accentuated with a thin ring held in a groove in the edge of the glass. In contrast to asymmetrical plastic frames, we can make glasses for you that are asymmetrical only at second glance.

As you can see there are many ways you can design your glasses. The important thing is, if you are looking for asymmetrical glasses, to allow enough time. If we really go into detail in the consultation appointment, it may well take 90 min or two hours with the refraction and lens consultation until we have gone through the complete configuration of your new glasses.

Especially when it comes to asymmetries in glasses, it is important that we really understand what you want to have in your face and we want to convey to you what options you have and what may not be recommended. We invite you to an appointment with us. Please feel free to contact us.

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