How Good Are Bose Glasses?

Bose glasses are very interesting because they are a mixture of glasses and headphones. This article deals with Bose glasses and shows the good and bad sides.

The sound quality of Bose is very good although the ear canal is not closed. The speakers are located in front of the ear on the temple of the Bose glasses. This ensures that the Bose glasses sound less bass-heavy. The sound image will be sufficient for the vast majority of wearers.

Due to the position of the speakers on the temple, people in your immediate vicinity will also hear what you hear quietly. This can be disturbing for you. It is also not possible to use noise reduction. The Bose glasses are interesting in themselves. Unfortunately, the workmanship in terms of the frame of the Bose glasses is very poor.

The Bose glasses in my test had sharp edges in many places. You can even see the degree in the photos. In addition, the glasses are not anatomically adjustable. The Bose glasses can not simply be bent in the temple differently to optimize the fit because the electronic components are built into the temple.

The glasses are light and despite the massive construction of the temples, the glasses do not feel very stable. There are no springs in the hinges and it is simply cheap plastic installed. These Bose glasses definitely do not convey a premium feeling.

Let’s take a closer look at the Bose glasses experience and what to look for when buying.

Build Quality of Bose Glasses

As an optician, I have seen all qualities of glasses. But the frame, of the Bose glasses, is really comparable to extremely cheap sunglasses you get for 5$ at the gas station. And usually, these don’t have sharp edges, so they are even better made.

With my Bose glasses, I had sharp edges everywhere around the nose pad and on the lower side of the temples, which you could even see. When the glasses sat you have not really felt that but every time the edges have slipped over the skin it has felt sharp. This should not be the case with a Bose product.

What worked well was the built-in touch control on the side of the right temple with which I could, for example, control the volume of the Bose glasses.

How Long Do Bose Glasses Last?

Bose glasses are not exactly known for their durability. This is exactly the impression the glasses give when you hold them in your hand. This is also shown by some forum posts from users, for example on Reddit.

It could well be that the Bose glasses will be improved significantly over time. Of course, if you take great care of your Bose glasses, they can last a long time. However, I would not swear to a consistent quality due to the production errors, which I describe in the following closer.

What Is the Point of Bose Sunglasses?

The point of Bose glasses is that you get a very good sound with an open ear canal. This brings several advantages. For one, you don’t have the highly closed-off effect you have when your ear canals are completely closed.

So you are more responsive and can react to your surroundings. In addition, the free ear canal ensures optimal ventilation. There are ear canals in which, for example, with closed ear canals, inflammation sets in more quickly.

In other ears, electronics can sometimes not be positioned in the ear canal because there is moisture in the ear canal. All these problems do not exist with the Bose glasses, because here is a completely different design.

Are Bose Glasses Worth It?

I will send the Bose glasses back because I don’t think they are worth it. The reason for this is that I want my glasses to be anatomically fitted. If they were professionally adjusted just a little here and there it makes a significant difference in comfort when worn for a long time.

In the photograph you can see the sharper edges. I marked the spots with the red arrow.

But this possibility does not exist with the Bose glasses. Likewise, you have the advantage with normal headphones to turn on optional noise reduction, which is very important to me in everyday life but is not available with the glasses from Bose. It is therefore clearly better from my point of view to buy a decent pair of sunglasses and good headphones compared to glasses with good sound but an extremely poor haptic experience.

The price and workmanship just don’t match. It can not be that something that is placed on the skin has a scratchy heel. There are always glasses that are not perfectly processed. But the man does not have to turn and twist the glasses several times to feel and see a variety of the processing errors. For this reason, I can not recommend the Bose glasses also, unfortunately. Although I am otherwise a big fan of the products.

Can You Make Calls With Bose Glasses?

The microphone and the button to control all call functions are located on the right temple. Follow the instructions below to take a call with your Bose glasses.

  • Press the button once to answer a call
  • Press the button once to end a call
  • Double press to decline an incoming call

You can only find out whether Bose glasses are something for you or not by testing them. You can only inadequately describe the sound of open headphones. You have to experience it to know if the great sound of the Bose glasses for you so strong that you can overlook the poor workmanship of the frame.

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