How To Change Nose Pads on Glasses

This article will teach you how to change nose pads on your glasses. There are a bunch of nose pads out there. Some require a screwdriver, some just needed to be clicked into the frame, and some need to be folded to hold to the frame.

So before you take any action you need to identify which pads do you need? The picture below shows you the possible variants. Just look at the middle of your glasses and compare what you need.

The picture shows nose pads on glasses and the title How To Change Click Nose Pads on Glasses?

As you can see there is plenty of different styles out there when it comes to nose pads. Most people have silicone pads that are clicked in or secured with a screw. No matter which one you have on your glasses if you need to replace them I have a tutorial ready for each one of the cases. So just jump to the part of the nose pads after you identified them and take action.

Of course, when you need to change the notepads you obviously need new ones before you can begin. This is why I linked out so you can order the spare parts.

How To Change Click Nose Pads on Glasses?

Even though a little screwdriver is not necessarily required it can come in handy when you have to stick something between the cub that holds the nose pad and the nose pad itself. This way you can use a little leverage by turning the screwdriver between both parts and in some cases, this is enough of the pad to pop out.

If this was not enough to get the nose pad out try to pull on the side of the nose pad. Make sure to not apply too much force because you could damage your glasses this way.

If you removed the old pad you can click in the new one. Just use your index finger and thumb for it. Press the pad in with your index finger and hold against it with your thumb from the other side.

If the pad sits too loose in the metal cup you could adjust the cup by pressing it on the sides with a small plier. Just press this part of our glasses very gently. Then you can click in the nose pads and they will cub will grab it more tightly.

Change Nose Pads With a Screw

If you saw a screw on the metal cup that holds your screw be prepared with a cross or a slotted one. Usually, they have sizes of 0.8mm up to 1.0mm. The process to change the screw is pretty straight forward. Just open the cup by removing the screw and the nose pad can be changed.

But before you begin please watch the video on how you should place your fingers on the lens to prevent damage if you slip off with the screwdriver.

Change Foldable Click Pads

Those nose pads are rare nowadays and usually found on Ray Ban frames. If you want to change the nose pads on such a frame you need to loosen up the little metal plates that are wrapped around the frame. Take a slotted screwdriver and stick it between the metal.

Now turn the screw driver to open up the metal plates a little bit. 90° would be ideal in this case. Do this with both metal plates and now the nose pad comes off the frame.

In order to mount the new nose pad you need a little plier in preparation. Then you need to place the nose pad where it should be secured on the frame. Then press the metal plates against the nose pad.

Nose Pads That Need To Be Slipped In

The nose pads that need to be slipped in are in most cases shaped like a mushroom. They come to fall off the frame pretty easily. The part of the frame that holds this type of nose pad is usually shaped like a loop that grabs mourned the nose pad.

If you want to change this type of nose pad you nee to identify the hole of the holding structure where you can slip the old pad out and the new pad in.

When you can not see any hole you need to press the pad a little together and first mount position one side of the pad in the loop and slip in the other side with light pressure.

How Often Should You Change Nose Pads?

How often you need to change your nose pads is dependent on the material and how fast they wear off while using them. For most people, this means a change every six months is sufficient. For other people, they should be replaced more frequently. If pads are worn out of titanium they probably never need to be replaced.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Nose Pads on Glasses?

In most cases replacing the nose pads on your glasses is a free service at your local optician. However, this can vary and is dependent on the price of the local optician. If you perform the change by yourself the cost for the nose pads is around 5$.

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