How to Spot Fake Ray Bans?

Ray Bans are a real hotseller. However, there are also fakes of Ray Ban sunglasses. Some fakes are very difficult and hard to spot even for opticians. In this article you will learn how to spot the most common characteristics of fake Ray Ban sunglasses.

  • Check the Ray Ban logo
  • Check the accesories (case, microfiber cloth)
  • Look at the temples
  • Check the hinges
  • What materials are used?

Usually when you buy Ray Ban sunglasses in an optical store they are official resellers and bought the original Ray Bans from Luxottica (manufacturer of Ray Ban). But of course when you buy your Ray Bans second hand or at the beach chances are higher what you bough is not the real deal.

First look at the logo printed on the lens which sits infront of your right eye. On the temporal side the Ray Ban logo should be found. In most cases it is white but depending on the model you have it also could be gold.

Look at the Logo

Look how Ray Ban is spelled. I even saw Ray Ban fakes which spelled Ray Berry, Ray Beans, Ray Bas and other combinations. The next thing to check is the actual quality of the print. When it is poorly printed and it can be wiped off with your finger you are holding a fake in your hand. Even when you rub harder over the logo of an original Ray Ban the print will not peel off.

When the sunglasses are new there are ususally stickers on the lenses like the one you see below. The sticker says 100% UV Protection – Ray Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica (with this or similar wording). The sticker on original Ray Ban sunglasses usually has a silver or gold background.

The image shows original logos from Ray Ban. On the left and right you can find printed and edged logos. On the right side of the image the edged version can be seen looking at the backside of the lens. This is how original Ray Bans look like made after 1999 made by Luxottica. Before 1999 Ray Bans were made by Bausch & Lomb. You can see the original gold Ray Ban logo and the edging of Bausch & Lomb below.

Features that also speak for a fake are rough spots, sharp edges or notches on the glasses. These can be found in fake models especially on the attachments and tops of the temples and the upper edges of the glass.

Check the Accesories of Your Ray Ban Sunglasses

Original Ray Ban sunglasses also always come with a case and a microfiber cloth and the brochure. Usually this all is packaged with a little cardbox with a QR code on one side. On this cardbox is a print of detailed information about what model you bought, what size your ray ban sunglasses are and what color you chose.

All this information can also found on the temples. Specifically on the inner sides of the temples. On the left temple check the code of the model and the color The code always starts with the letters RB which stands for Ray Ban and four numbers which is the model number. If instead of RB you can read RX this is still normal because this is the prescription line of Ray Bans. So the numbers basically will look like this:

RB 2140 901/R5 50☐22 3N

ModelRB 2140
Color of the frame901/R5
First size of the lens in mm after the square size of the bridge50☐22
Lens category3N

You can verify the model numbers of your Ray Bans There you will also see more information on the material of the lenses. A lot of Ray Ban sunglasses have actual glass lenses but the fakes usually do not.

When you see on the website the lenses should be glass ones use a ring and gently knock against the lens. It will be easy for you to distinguish a glass lens from a plastic one. Do not use too much force as this test could damage the lens.

Check the Nose Pads

One little detail of original Ray Bans is the embossed logo.

On the left side of the picture you can see the original embossed nose pad of a Ray Ban. On the right side you can see a fake Ray Ban.

On the inside right side, look for the mark ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Made in China’, or the letters CE (these do not always have to be present). If you buy Ray-Ban glasses without prescription, there is only a logo on the right temple on the inside.

Are All Ray Bans Made in China Fakes?

Original Ray-Bans are made in both Italy and China. When Luxottica started manufacturing Ray-Bans in 1999, they were made only in Italy. In the last decades Luxottica has grown a lot and expanded internationally. Now factories in China also produce original Ray Bans.

Can You Identify Fake Ray Bans by Looking at the Price Tag?

You can not identify fake or original Ray Bans by simply looking at the price tag. You can buy an original pair of Ray Bans for 50$ and you can buy the same pair 150$. Of course in the lower price segments more fakes can be bought especially if you choose to not buy from an official Ray Ban dealer.

The difference is price is the result of year long price wars from retailers. Some price tags don’t even covor the prime price of the retailer. Especially when you buy an original pair of Ray Bans for around 50$.

Is It Worth Buying Fake Ray Bans?

Those who wear the fake Ray Bans are harming their eyes. Headaches, burning eyes, inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea can be the consequences of fake sunglasses. The reason is: you can’t be sure if the fake Ray Ban has UV protection or not.

That means the fake sunglasses could make everything darker but still let the harmful UV light into your eye. The result could be temporary irritation or even permanent damage of your eyes.

Of course, UV light protection is still about the eyes. But fake Ray Bans can just as easily cause skin intolerance or allergies, as the materials and paints are not of the same quality standard as the original products. So do yourself a favor and buy original Ray Bans from a trusted dealer.

Do Fake Ray Bans Have Serial Numbers?

Good fakes looks as good as the original Ray Bans. In such a case the serial numbers would be printed in the temple on same spots you would see on the temple of the original one. Usually you can spot slight changes in the font or the quality of the print if you compare a fake Ray Ban side by side to an original one.

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