How To Tell If Your Contact Lens Is Inside Out?

IN this article you will find some easy examples on how to tell if your contact lens is inside out or ready to snuggle on your eyeball. Follow the instructions below and watch the illustrations closely. Before you begin please wash your hands dry them and make sure you have very good lighting.

  • Place the contact lens on your right index finger
  • hold it in front of your eye
  • Now push the the sides of the contact lens as shown below with your left index finger and your thumb
  • look at the position of the edges of the lens
  • when they seem to point towards each other the contact lens is ready to be put on your eye
  • when the edges of the lens seem to point in the opposite direction you need to evert them

As an optician, I can tell you I did advise so many people on telling them if their contact lenses are inside out or not and the mentioned method in my opinion is by far the easiest one. But make sure you push the lens below the edges. Because when you push the lenses too much in the upper part you will see less of a difference. However, in some cases, the contact lens is so thin and flexible you can barely see a difference between the two sides.

This is when other methods come in handy to test if the lens sits on your finger in the correct way or if you need to evert them.

Look at Them From the Side:

This method is pretty easy to do. You just place the lens of your fingertip and hold it on one level with your eyes. But this time you du not push the lens from the sides. What you need to watch closely now are the edges. Look at the shape of the contact lens. When it is correct, your lens will have the shape of a cup. The edges will curve upright and the edges point towards the ceiling. If your contact lens is inside out, it will have the shape of a rimmed bowl and the edges will point more towards the walls.

This method requires more experience compared to the first one. When you saw your lenses a couple of times you will get more familiar with them and you can often tell it is inside out just by looking at them. But right now you probably came to this article because you do not have the experience so read on to get some more information.

Watch the Laser Engravings:

Not all lenses have laser engravings but when they do have them it is pretty easy to tell if they sit inside out on your finger. The engraving can be a number, the logo of the company or an R for the right lens, or an L for the left lens. Depending on the manufacturer those engravings can change. When you can read the engravings or the logo is presented to you in the correct way you can be sure they are ready to be put on your eye.

Some of my clients when they get the first for of contact lenses find this funny because you have a tiny engraving on your lens and you probably have no glasses on right before you put them on your eye. So if you can not spot the engraving make sure to also try to see the engravings with your glasses on. Maybe you will have an easier time finding them.

Perform the Flip Test to See if the Contact Lens Is Inside Out

The contact lens actually tries to snap back into the correct position. So when you place the contact lens on your palm and you try to evert it and it snaps back into one position more easily compare to the other you can also be pretty sure you find the right side.

Just take your time with this approach and try it a few times so you get a little more experience with the lens.

The Orientation of the Contact Lens in the Blister

The contact lens could also be inside out in the blister. I saw this with dailies, monthlies, and individually crafted contact lenses. This is why it is so crucial to perform the tests described in this article.

Will My Vision Be Blurry if My Contact Is Inside Out?

When wearing contact lenses inside out your vision will be comparable to when the lens sits on your eye the right way. After you blinked the lens might produce a little more blurriness and take a little more time to stabilize your vision.

What Does It Feel Like if Your Contact Is in Inside Out?

When the contact lens sits on your eye with the wrong side you will have a little more foreign body sensation compared to when it is not inside out. Also what you will have are a gritty feeling and your eyes get more watery when the lenses do not sit correctly on your eyes.


When you are not sure if the contact lens sits on inside out on your eye just get it out evert it and you will feel the difference immediately. A contact lens sitting the wrong way on your eye can be nagging and should be everted but it will not harm your eye. But what a lot of contact lens wearer experience when the lens sits on the eye the wrong way the lens can more easily pop out because it can not actually snuggle as optimally on the eyeball.

With all the methods shown here in this article, you should be patient. Depending on the lens you wear one of the techniques will come out on top as your favorite. For some people this happens during the first time they get confronted with this problem but some other contact lens wearer need to look at the lenses on multiple sessions and suddenly they can notice the slight difference between a lens which is inside out or not on their finger.

I hope this article helped you out. I wish you a great day.

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