Ray Ban Aviator – The Ultimate Buying Guide

In this article you will learn everything about the Ray Ban Aviator. There are hardly any sunglasses that are more classic. What many people don’t know, however, is what possibilities and options you have with these stylish, timeless and practical sunglasses.

The Ray Ban 3025 L0205 is the classic sunglasses. A golden fine metal frame adorns the green lenses. This version is already available from about 100$. However, there are also incredible combinations if you don’t want to look like everyone else out there. There are very exclusive limited edition versions of the Ray Ban Aviator that can cost up to $3000. You can even personalize and customize your version.

As you can see, it’s just worth taking a closer look at what’s on offer before you buy. And you can find the necessary information here. Let’s start with the different sizes.

The image shows two Ray Ban Aviators. The lower one is the most sold one in the size 54/14. Above you can see the Aviator shooter model which is less popular these days.

What Are Ray Ban Aviator Sizes?

The Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 comes in four different sizes 52-14, 55-14, 58-14, and 62-14. The three sizes mean that the sunglasses can actually be purchased by anyone.

The 3025 comes in:

  • 52mm lens with 14mm bridge, temple lenth 135mm
  • 55mm lens with 14mm bridge, temple length 135mm
  • 58mm lens with 14mm bridge, temple length 135mm
  • 62mm lens with 14mm bridge, temple length 140mm

The first number in the size stands for the width of the lens while the second number stands for the distance between the lenses. The vast majority of people need the size 58-14 for the Ray Ban Aviator. Side men still tend to the largest variant of the 62-14 while women with a very narrow face more often also reach for the 55-14. The size 52-14 is very seldom needed for extremely narrow faces.

But when even the 52-14 size of the Aviator is too big Ray Ban also has a Junior edition with a different model code (RB9506S) with the size 50-13.

How Should Ray Ban Aviators Fit?

The perfect fit of the Ray Ban Aviator can be found quite easily. The edge of the lenses should be as wide as the widest part of your face.

To do this, stand in front of a mirror. If you have long hair, tie it in a braid to better see the contours of your face. Now put on the Ray Ban Aviator and see if the outer edge of the lens is above the widest part of your face.

For a normal sized woman’s face, the size is usually between the 58-14 and the 55-14. If you prefer the oversized look, you can go for the larger version. However, if you find the large version too huge, go for the smaller one.

PRO TIP: Also test glasses with a gradient in the lens. Oversized Aviators often look better on women with this. A gradient makes the sunglasses then appear less harsh. This can lead to the fact that you prefer a different size.

Most men can also wear the size 58-14 optimally. Again, make sure the widest part of the face is flush with the widest part of the sunglasses. Alternatively, the 62-14 can also be worn, although this size is very rarely used because most people find it too exaggeratedly large.

Should Ray Ban Aviators Be Oversized?

The Ray Ban Aviator is a very classic pair of sunglasses and therefore not necessarily worn in an oversized way. These glasses have been around for decades and the timelessness of the glasses has always been trendy while the fashion has sometimes more and sometimes less oriented towards oversized.

What Are Ray Ban Aviator Frames Made Of?

The classic versions of the Ray Ban Aviator frame are made of steel. However, there are also editions that are made of titanium or 18K gold.

Ray Ban Aviator with Longer Arms (Temples)

The Ray Ban Aviator with the longest temples is the RB 3025 in size 62-14 with a temple length of 140mm. However, this temple length is not enough for all wearers of these sunglasses. There is a cheap and a more expensive way to make the temples longer.

The cheap way to extend the temples of Ray Ban Aviator:

The optician adjusts the temples to the position of the ear. The plastic temple tip is not glued on to the metal temple. So the optician has the possibility to pull the temple tip 5mm further back and to position the bend a little further back.

In most cases, this is sufficient to make the temples just a little bit longer. If it bothers you that the temple is not at the stop within the bore of the temple end, the optician can put black temple ends on the temple.

The expensive way to lengthen the temples of a Ray Ban Aviator:

Your optician can hire a repair service or an eyewear manufacturer who can extend the temples by laser welding. The plastic temple end is simply pulled off and a metal piece is welded on. The entire temple end is then coated again.

Customization Options for the Ray Ban Aviator

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your Ray Ban Aviator then you can customize your Ray Ban Aviator. The process is totally simple. On the official Ray Ban site, which I’ll link you to here, you can select the model Aviator Classic and choose the color of the frame and the lenses yourself.

There are an incredible number of options here. My personal favorite are polarized lenses with a gradient in brown. However, you can also go for an exclusive coating like a gold plated one.

This is one of the few more expensive options. All the others don’t vary significantly in price. You can also have your glasses printed directly with custom lettering here. You can see tthe lettring on the tetmple tip on the picture below.

The image shows an indivudalized lettering on a Ray Ban Avaitor and the options of colors when it comes to the frame and the lenses.

Here in the picture above I wanted to give you an impression about the options in the configurator for your Ray Ban Aviator. Beeing able to individualize your own Aviator is an absolute cool thing and I highly recommend to do it.

What many don’t know is that you can get different types of glasses. For example, there is the possibility to integrate polarization into the lenses. This significantly reduces glare, for example when driving. You can also order the lenses of your Ray Ban Aviator with the Chromance option, which ensures that the tint of your lenses automatically adapts to the environment.

So if there is a lot of sun and a lot of UV light around you, the Aviator will be very dark. If it is less bright, the tint remains slightly lighter. Be sure to test the different tints beforehand at your optician to find out which one offers the best contrast. So you find your ideal Ray Ban Aviator.

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