Ray Ban Round Metal Review – Read This Before You Buy

The Round Metal Model from Ray Ban is a true classic. It is available as sunglasses and as a model with clear lenses. Likewise, the Round Metal from Ray Ban is also available in different materials and sizes. After reading this article you will know exactly which option is right for you.

Basically, the Round metal is available in three different sizes. The sunglasses are always high-quality glass lenses, which unlike most sunglasses are much more scratch-resistant but can break if you drop them.

Due to the durable lenses, the Round metal in size 50-21 is not exactly perceived as light with 29g. But 29g is still completely tolerable for most wearers. As soon as your prescription is incorporated this makes the glasses significantly lighter. Because prescription lenses are in most cases made out of plastic.

The shape of the ray Ban Round Metal is especially suitable for more oval and angular faces. Here the Round Metal model harmonizes best. As you can see, there is a lot to consider before buying the Round Metal. Therefore, let’s start with the different sizes.

The photographs show the Ray Ban Round metal and the Ray Ban Round in comparison.

The Different Sizes of the Ray Ban Round Metal

Here you can find the sizes of Ray Ban Round Metal with model number RB3447 (sunglasses) and the variant for clear prescription lenses has the model code RB3447V (The Round). The variant for prescription lenses is only available in Small and Standard.

Lens widthLens heightBridgeTemple width

Of course, you can also provide the sunglasses with clear lenses if Small and Standard are too small for you.

Different Lens Options for the Ray Ban Round Metal Explained

With the round metal, there are the following categories of lenses that are not polarized:

  • Classic
  • Gradient
  • Mirror
  • Evolve
  • Premium

You can get more detailed explanations about the individual lenses in our Ray Ban lens guide. However, Classic is simply uniformly tinted sun lenses. Lenses with a gradient are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. This looks great, especially on women. Mirror lenses have an additional coating that is very reflective. The Premium version is a Gold Plated version that is more reflective on the top than the bottom.

The Evolve lenses from Ray Ban automatically adjust the tint to the amount of UV light. This means that these lenses have a lighter base tint and when you go outside the lenses become darker. However, you can see your eyes more through these lenses compared to the Classic option.

The picture illustrates the different lens options available for the Ray Ban Round Metal.

All these mentioned lenses only darken everything a little bit. On the lenses is also only the Ray Ban logo. However, if you choose the better lenses from Ray Ban then they have an additional P behind the Ray Ban logo. The P stands for polarized and these lenses not only make glare darker but filter it out effectively. In addition, the contrast is even better compared to the conventional tinted lenses.

The picture illustrates the different polarized lens options available for the Ray Ban Round Metal.

The polarized lenses also come with an anti-reflective coating on the back surface, which brings an additional advantage. Glare from the back surface is thus significantly reduced. Some people have the problem that reflections are perceived in the side or even the reflection of the own eye. This no longer happens with an anti-reflective coating on the back surface.

The photographs show the back surface of a Ray ban lens on the left with an anti-reflective coating and a standard lens with one on the right. The fewer reflections are visible the better for the wearer.

Ray Ban Round Metal Folding

The Round metal is also available in a foldable version. However, the foldable variant is only available in one size, which is slightly different from the standard size of the non-foldable variant. The bridge of the foldable Round metal is a bit narrower. Besides the size, the foldable Round metal has four additional hinges. This allows each bracket and the bridge to be folded.

Ray Ban Round Metal Limited Edition

Limited editions of the Ray Ban Round metal differ only in details from the classic. An example of this are the temple ends. While the conventional Ray Ban Round Metal has temple ends made of acetate in various colors, the temple ends of the @collection, for example, are made of leather with a visible seam.

The wear is with leather especially that is positioned behind the ear of course much greater. Likewise, you should not put such glasses in the ultrasonic bath for cleaning. With the conventional Round metal variant, however, this is no problem.

Besides the differences in the material of the temple ends, it is otherwise only the color combinations with the lenses and the frame that distinguish the limited editions from the normal collection.

Ray Ban Round Metal Titanium

The Ray Ban Round metal is also available in titanium. This makes the glasses a little lighter. For some wearers, this could make a difference. But in general, the weight difference is not great. The Round Metal in titanium is only 4g lighter but more than twice as expensive. If you are interested anyway in the titanium version this is the model code: RB8247.

One small detail that many people don’t notice is that the nose pads are also titanium on this version. This ensures less wear. Experience shows that the normal pads need to be replaced every few years. This is not the case with the titanium versions.

Your Ray Ban Round Metal in Authentic Prescription Lenses

You can of course order the Ray Ban Round metal with Ray Ban authentic prescription lenses. This has the advantage that the original colors are preserved. In addition, you keep the logo in the upper right lens of your Round metal glasses and the engraving in the left lens.

The Ray Ban Round metal can be optimally made with single-vision lenses and progressive lenses. If you want to learn more about the lenses with prescriptions from the authentic Ray Ban program then I have an article here for you.

Experience with the Round Metal Ray Ban

The Ray Ban Round metal is a high-quality very scratch-resistant sunglasses. Unfortunately, the UV protection and glare protection from the sides is not very large. Due to the straight shape sits with the lenses at a greater distance from the eyes. That lets a lot of light fall in sideways and when the sun shines very bright I feel blinded with these sunglasses anyway.

However, the Round metal just looks cool and due to the materials, you have a real quality product that will accompany you for many years. However, if you are very sensitive to light then I would rather reach for sunglasses in wrapped around style. Since with such the UV protection and glare protection from the side is higher.

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