Are Porsche Design Glasses Worth It?

Porsche Design Eyewear has always been a premium brand when it comes to eyewear and sunglasses. The eyewear is produced in Japan and distributed worldwide. But what actually distinguishes Porsche Design Eyewear from conventional glasses. We will deal with this question in the following article.

Special attention will be paid to the materials and their processing. The hinges often have additional discs between the rollers of the hinges, which ensure a better mechanical experience when the temple is opened or closed. In addition, the best of two worlds is combined in the lenses in the sunglasses area. Extremely lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate is combined with very high resistance and durable coatings.

So your lenses stay clear much longer and you can enjoy the high contrasts of the Vision Drive Lens Technology. The lenses of Porsche Design sunglasses are not as resistant as real glass lenses from Ray Ban or Maui Jim, for example, but with the coating they significantly better than uncoated lenses.

The quality of the frames is usually so high that even after many years the frames have very little signs of use. Of course, this also depends on the handling. However, it is noticeable that wearers of Porsche Design eyewear have become so fond of their glasses that they like to fit them with new lenses after a few years.

With many other frames I must advise against it as an optician, because the frames are simply outworn. With Porsche Design, however, this is actually not so often the case.

The optimal quality is of course countered by a higher price, which at Porsche Design Eyewear is often between $400 and $500 for a pair of glasses or sunglasses without your prescription. In fact, I can say that it is worth the money, because in the last 15 years I have not had a single bad experience with the quality or the service. And that’s rare when you’re adjusting and repairing glasses every day.

What Distinguishes Porsche Design Sunglasses From Normal Sunglasses?

If you buy a high end product like Porsche design sunglasses or ophthalmic frames then you surely want to know what distinguishes these glasses from conventional glasses or sunglasses.

Firstly, it is the processing of the different materials, which at Porsche design is simply on a different level compared to other manufacturers. This starts with the alignment, how the frames are delivered to the opticians and also becomes visible with longer wear. Because with other brands oftentimes you can see much faster signs of wear. However, this is also particularly visible in the lenses of the sunglasses.

When you look at other brands, which are partly also in the same price category, the lens quality is just really basic. Just the polycarbonate lens and no coatings whatsoever.

The photograph shows classic sunglasses from Porsche Design.

In contrast, with Porsche Design you get the highest quality of coatings that the manufacturer Rodenstock has to offer. This significantly improves the lenses in many respects. let’s start with the view. The back surface super anti-glare is a coating you won’t notice you have.

It simply makes the lens less reflective from behind. This gives you much less reflection around the periphery of the lens. If you lack such a coating, it can lead to the fact that you perceive your own eyes as reflections, especially with larger flatter lenses.

The lenses themselves are made of polycarbonate, which is extremely shatterproof. This is now not necessarily something special, because they get this material in cheaper sunglasses. However, the first coatings ensure that you have a true premium experience with the glasses. Normally a polycarbonate lens wears out very quickly.

This is not the case with Porsche Design sunglasses because the front and the back surface is provided with a hard coating.

Besides the coatings, of course, the very experience makes the difference. With XTR technology, Rodenstock combines great contrast with a polarizing filter.

This makes it easier to see bumps in the road, for example, and gives you improved depth perception, while the polarization also eliminates glare. This package of optical quality is not available in combination from other manufacturers.

Are Porsche Design Sunglasses Polarized?

In Porsche Design sunglasses there are two of three lens options that are polarized. The first is the Vision drive lens technology and the second option is called Vision drive XTR.

Both options share that they have UV protection up to 400nm and come with a high quality back surface super anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating. However, the XTR option gives you much higher contrast in addition to polarization. Especially in road traffic or in hazy weather, this can make a big difference in perception.

Colors can be perceived much more intensively compared to the normal polarized variant. Both polarized options can be recommended. Most people choose the XTR option once they have put it on. In some cases, people who have decided against the polarized lenses with XTR describe that the contrasts are already unnaturally strong.

Who makes Porsche Design Eyewear?

Rodenstock manufactures Porsche design eyewear, combining high-end materials and manufacturing techniques in the production of lenses and frames.

Experiences with Porsche Design Eyewear

I have had Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses for years and have never regretted the purchase. Personally, I have worn the iconic models that have a special opening mechanism to change the lenses. To be honest, I have practically never used the opeing mechanism unless the lenses had to be changed.

Here you can see the frame of my Porsche Design sunglasses. The coating is original in a used look. The frame still looks like new from the surface although the frame is worn often. This frame is already quite old and still cooperation between Porsche Design and Carrera originated. The quality of the new frames from the cooperation with Rodenstock is in no way inferior to the old frames.

It is normal that the lenses wear out after a time if these are made out of plastic. But the frames still looks good after 15 years and that is impressive. The only things that had to be repaired were the classic wear parts like the nose pads and temple ends.

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