Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for a Small Face

In this article, you will learn more about Maui Jim sunglasses for small faces. It’s not only about a small selection of Maui Jim sunglasses for small faces but also what you should look for within this selection to get the best fit for your face.

For this reason, we have compiled a selection for them with several criteria. Because even with small faces, the bridge of the nose can be larger or smaller. The same applies to the curve of the sun lenses. The higher this is the more the lens is drawn around your eyes and protects your eyes also from the side. This not only protects against glare from the side but also increases UV protection.

In the list below you will find a range of Maui Jim sunglasses that are optimal for small faces, because the width of the lenses is not greater than 50 mm in the frames that have a base curve of 4 or 6. The Sandy Beach stands out at first sight with its lens width of 56mm. However, with a base curve of 8, it is extremely snug to the head and therefore also suitable for small faces.

Maui Jim Models for Small FacesLens WidthBridgeLens HeightBase Curve
Joy Ride49mm23mm43mm4
KOKO HEAD48mm22mm40mm6
SHORE BREAK50mm21mm40mm4
AKI AKI50.5mm17mm35mm6
SUNNY DAYS49mm22mm44mm6
Sandy Beach56mm15mm36mm8
The photographs show me wearing two different Maui Jim sunglasses with different base curves. What the base curves mean in combination with a small face is discussed in the next paragraphs.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Maui Jim for a Small Face

Many people with smaller faces also have smaller eye relief. This leaves a disproportionate amount of flat lens on the sides and the sunglasses with a base curve of 4 reflect more strongly on the sides. The picture below illustrates with the blue and red line how a Maui Jim with a base curve of 4 would sit on your head. These are designed to be very open on the sides.

The yellow dashed line, on the other hand, shows Maui Jim sunglasses with a base curve of 8. The advantage is immediately visible. The Maui Jim sits much better on the sleep. And that is often the problem with small faces. The space between the temples and temples of the sunglasses is too large. With Maui Jim sunglasses in a higher base curve, you can counteract this optimally.

If the style of a Maui Jim with an 8th base curve is too sporty for you then you should make sure that the width of the lens is 50mm or less. In combination with a narrow bridge, you get a Maui Jim that is very well suited for small faces. Especially when the eyes are more close-set than usual.

The bridge of the KOMOHANA model is particularly small in size. With only 12mm wide, this Maui Jim model is also suitable for extremely small faces.

The photographs show two Maui Jim sunglasses from the side. Both are very suitable for small faces. The difference between them is the curved lenses. The sunglasses you can see below offer more UV light protection from the sides.

The nice thing about the KOMOHANA is that the nose pads are individually adjustable for you. Especially people with smaller faces often have a narrower nose. However, this also means that less surface is available and these people react more pressure-sensitive.

When buying should therefore be particularly careful that with plastic glasses the support is very flat everywhere on the nose. Only then will the Maui Jim be comfortable to wear for a long time.

Alternatively, Maui Jim also has models with individually adjustable nose pads. Partially, other nose bridges can be used here, which have air cushions or gels incorporated within the nose pad. But this must be clarified in advance with your optician.

Most of the above-mentioned glasses can also be glazed with Maui Jim’s authentic single vision lenses or progressive lenses. So you can enjoy your prescription with the original colors and the great polarization.

Maui Jim Prescription Sun Lenses and Small Faces

Whether a Maui Jim is available with your spectacle values depends on the position of your eyes behind the lenses. More precisely, this means the centration. So it may be that one model of Mau Jim will work for you while another will not.

The reason for this is often that people with a small face have a smaller pupil distance. This describes the distance between your pupils when looking straight ahead. If the distance is smaller and you have chosen a Maui Jim that is too large for you, this can mean that Maui Jim can no longer make the diameter of the lenses.

In such a case, it is advisable to switch to a model where the centering works better in conjunction with the selected lenses. With less curved lenses, higher lens powers can be produced compared to the very sporty curved lenses with a base curve of 8.

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