Best Ray Bans for Small Faces

Here in this article you will learn more about which Ray Ban glasses and sunglasses are suitable for small faces. For these purposes, I have also picked out a few models directly from the collection of Ray Ban and written down the measurements. So you can better orient yourself on certain features of the Ray Bans.

The vast majority of glasses and sunglasses today can be worn by both men and women. For this reason, this article is not divided again into narrow men and narrow women’s faces.

In general, narrower faces often have a slightly more oval shape. For this fit Ray Bans with a rounder shape or in Panto style optimal.As a general rule, it can be said that for Ray Bans with a total size of less than 130mm are relatively narrow. The same applies to a lens width of less than 50mm.

Here in the tables you can find below most glasses lie in it. Some deviate. Why is listed in the more detailed description below.

Learn even more about Ray Bans for small faces in this video.

Ray Ban prescription glasses for small faces:

ModelWidth of the lensHeight of the lensSize of the bridgeTotal width of the frame
RX 635547mm41mm20mm128mm
RX 3681V48mm45mm20mm126mm
RX 3447V47mm44mm21mm123mm
RY 153148mm33mm16mm129mm
RX 3582V49mm46mm20mm131mm

Ray Ban sunglasses for small faces:

ModelWidth of the lensHeight of the lensSize of the bridgeTotal width of the frame
RB 406860mm42mm17mm137mm
RB 344750mm47mm21mm130mm
RB 354848mm42mm21mm128mm
RB 395850mm43mm20mm128mm

The most important thing about eyeglasses is that the widest part of the frame is not significantly wider than your face. If the glasses should be wider, there will be a large gap between the temples and the temples. As soon as you can put your index fingers between the temples and your head, the glasses are definitely too big.

Sunglasses can generally be chosen a little larger. But it also depends on the curve of the lenses. As an example I have taken the Ray Ban RB 4068 in the sunglasses, which I have sold countless times to customers with narrow faces. With a width of the lenses of 60mm, the sunglasses look quite wide at first glance. However, unlike most glasses, these sunglasses have very curved lenses. This ensures not only better UV protection but the glasses also nestles from style better to the head.

On the photo you can see the Ray Ban RB 4068 in combination with a brown gradient.

All other sunglasses are cut straighter and are rather filigree worked. If the face is narrow, dark sunglasses often look too hard. Especially for women with a narrow face, sunglasses with a gradient look very noble. With a gradient, the tint is darker in the upper part of the glass while it becomes lighter towards the bottom.

What Are the Smallest Ray Bans?

The smallest Ray are those ones with the characters RY in the model code. They are specifically made for smaller faces. Usually you see kids wearing them or adults with very small faces. The proportions of those Ray Bans differ from the normal line up especially when it comes to the size of the bridge which sits on your nose. When normal Ray Bans have a bridge size of 20 in a lot of cases you will a lot of 16mm bridges in the collection with model code with the RY.

Pro advice: When picking out the size, also pay direct attention to a nice flat even fit of the frame on the nose. Often people with a small face also have quite a narrow nose bridge. This can quickly lead to pressure points if the glasses are placed incorrectly.

Check the fit by pressing on the frame from the side. If they slip, they often move back and forth on the nose, which is not ideal. In such a case, the next smaller size should be chosen, which is available in combination with a smaller bridge.

Do Ray Bans Have Different Sizes?

Some Ray Ban glasses and sunglasses are available in different sizes. A few of the extremely popular models even come in three different sizes. Examples are for example these models:


  • RB3447 (Round Metal three sizes)
  • RB2140 (Original Wayfarer two sizes)
  • RB3025 (Aviator four sizes)

Prescription Glasses:

  • RX5228 (The Timeless three sizes)
  • RX6448 (Hexagonal Optics three sizes)
  • RX5154 (Clubmaster Optics two sizes)

As you can see, there are some Ray Bans with different sizes. Especially if your face is not average, it can be useful to try different sizes and ask the optician again for another size.

The sizes you have seen in the list above are only for the adult models. Often there is also in the junior series another size in the same shape which then has the RY in the model code.

If Ray Ban you have chosen should still be a little too small or too big then your optician of also still has the possibility to make individual adjustments for you to make the glasses or sunglasses fit for you.

If you want to find out more about picking out glasses and sunglasses for your face then here is another article for you that might interest you.

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