Ray Ban Clubmaster – Everything You Need to Know

Ray Ban’s Clubmaster glasses are one of the most classic eyewear styles on the market. This style is often associated with Malcolm X. However, what many do not know is that the Clubmaster comes in many styles. You could even customize the glasses. We’ll go over the possibilities and options in this article so you have a good knowledge base before you buy.

The Clubmaster is available as sunglasses and also as regular glasses with clear lenses. This article focuses primarily on the different variations of Clubmaster sunglasses. For example, there are very different variants from which the frame of the Clubmaster was made.

To name a few there is the classic acetate, wood, aluminum, and titanium when it comes to the frame. All of these variants have different model numbers and are therefore often not considered by end customers when making their selection.

Here are some examples of Clubmaster variants that can differ significantly not only in terms of frame materials but also lenses and sizes.


In the next paragraphs, you will also learn more about the glass designs and which of them are more or less recommended. First of all, let’s talk about the very obvious differences. The different sizes of the Clubmasters.

The Ray Ban Clubmaster – What Sizes Are Available?

Here below you will find an overview of the sizes of the Clubmasters. The table serves to get a rough overview of how the different variants differ in terms of classic specifications width of the lenses or the bridge. Unfortunately, what you cannot see from the table is that the proportions of the elements often change with the different models. Here I mean especially the plastic elements at the height of the eyebrows.

For example, these are very delicate on the Clubmaster light Ray, while they are much more massive and dominant on the real wood version. Since these elements of the Clubmaster are positioned directly above the eyebrows, a direct comparison of the Clubmaster variants can be worthwhile.

On the left you can see me wearing the Ray Ban Clubmaster classic with the lens size 51. On the right I wear the Ray Ban Clubmaster Oversized.

Because different proportions can completely change the image of the glasses in the face although the basic size of the glasses in terms of the lenses and the frame is the same. So don’t just put on the different sizes of the Clubmaster Classic, but also switch between the different Clubmaster variants.

ModelLens WidthLens HeightBridgeTemple LengthTotal Width
Clubmaster Classic RB3016 (Standard)49mm42.3mm21mm140mm141mm
Clubmaster Classic RB3016 (Large)51mm43,9mm21mm145mm144mm
Clubmaster Marble RB3016 (Small)49mm42.3mm22mm140mm141mm
Clubmaster Marble RB3016 (Standard)51mm43,9mm23mm145mm144mm
Clubmaster Oversized RB3576N57mm47.1mm16mm145mm143mm
Clubmaster Metal RB371651mm44mm21mm145mm140mm
Clubmaster Square RB391652mm38mm20mm145mm140mm
Clubmaster Aluminum RB350751mm44mm21mm145mm142mm
Clubmaster Folding RB217651mm44mm21mm145mm143mm
Clubmaster Wood RB3016M51mm44mm21mm145mm144mm
Clubmaster Light Ray RB805651mm44mm22mm140mm140mm

The Different Lenses of the Clubmaster

The materials of the Clubmaster in terms of lenses are real glass and plastic. The choice of whether you get real glass or plastic lenses depends on the choice of model code. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Glass is extremely durable and often looks new even after decades of use, while plastic lenses scratch much more quickly.

However, many customers notice the increased weight of real glass lenses while plastic lenses are just very comfortable to wear due to their lightness. Also, glass shatters while plastic lenses do not.

The surface of the plastic lenses of Clubmaster scratches as quickly as other brands. You really have to take care of it. A careless movement, you get caught somewhere or do not handle his Clubmaster so carefully and the scratch is already on the lens surface. This does not happen with real glass lenses.

But the choice of lenses at Ray Ban is much larger. Here I have written a more detailed article if the shorter information in the article is not enough for you. On the lenses of Ray Ban is always the logo. Some have the addition with the P which stands for polarization.

The polarization ensures that glare is not only made darker but filters it out if it comes from windshields or the road or water. Because these are at a certain angle. In addition, the contrast is higher. That means as soon as there is a reflection, the normal Ray Ban glasses just make everything darker, but you could still be blinded while the polarized effectively filter out the glare. I personally can only recommend this.

Also, the polarized lenses are treated with an Anti-Reflective coating which improves contrast and reduces glare from the back surface of the lenses.

Furthermore, there are different colors and gradients. The classics are G15 and B15. A green shade that is not color falsifying and the B15 is a brown shade. Color gradients look especially good on women. A gradient makes the lens lighter towards the bottom. In addition, there are also coatings that apply colored mirrors to the lenses if you want.

You can also have almost all Clubmaster variants made with your eyeglass prescription. If you wanted you have the possibility to get the lenses directly from Ray Ban or to choose another manufacturer from your optician. Here it is to be known that the logo on the glasses is no longer present if another manufacturer is chosen.

The glasses you can get directly from Ray Ban call run in the program of Ray Ban Authentic. The advantage of this program is that you can get the original colors of Ray Ban directly in your strength. especially with reflective coatings can make a difference.

The disadvantage is that Ray Ban has a more limited range in terms of lenses. It will cover most areas but not all. The lenses are developed in collaboration with the well-known manufacturer Essilor and are of course quality products when it comes to the coatings and materials.

The Weight of the Different Clubmaster Models

The classic Ray Ban Clubmaster RB3016 weighs 35g which is totally tolerable for most people. However, the sunglasses do not look light. Especially for very narrow noses, or people who are sensitive to pressure on the nose, 35g grams for the classic Clubmaster or 39g for the oversized model are already too much.

Especially because Ray Ban uses its own nose pads and the selection is not quite as large as other manufacturers, where you could use pads with gel cushion or air cushion to compensate for the weight. The lightest model with the addition of Light Ray weighs only 22g and is perceived as very light by all who hold it in their hands. However, it is not always available and is the only model without screws.

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