Mykita Glasses-An Owner’s Review

Here in this article, you will find the review about the MyKita Mato glasses. This classic-looking glasses frame is made out of different materials. The middle part of the frame is made out of slender acetate. In addition to the acetate in the middle, the temples are made out of stainless steel with a unique hinge that is screwless. In a lot of cases, it is good to individually adjust nose pads to your nose to make the glasses more comfortable.

Your optician can do this. The nose pads are made out of titanium and could also be changed to plastic or silicone ones if you do not like dark nose pads. The combination of the materials makes this frame extremely light. It weighs in without the lenses at 10 grams although it is not small as you can see wearing the MYKITA glasses in the image below.

The color I am wearing here in the picture above is the  C42 grey gradient/shiny graphite. I personally really like the sleek design. No logo is presented at the sides of the frame. But that is not all. The temple tips are also made out of acetate and are very thin.

When I wear those glasses in combination with a cap I have no pressure marks behind my ears due to the smaller space between my ears and my head as I oftentimes have with thicker temple tips. But there is also a minor thing which I do not like about these glasses which is just a temporary thing.

When I first got this frame the hinges were a little creaky. Applying a little drop of oil at the hinges solves the problem. When you do not want to apply oil to your Mykita frame the creaking sound will also go away after a few weeks because a little debris will work as a lubricant for the hinges and reduce the noise.

Here in the picture below you can see the hinge wrote about. This is a patented spiral hinge that needs no screws. This is something I really like about the frame because I lost some screws in the past. And when you do not have a screwdriver handy you are a little lost in such a situation. But with this refined innovative hinge design, you do not need to worry about lost screws.

After wearing those glasses for some time I can tell you I can recommend those glasses. The lightness and the sleek design are just really what I want from glasses. But those handmade quality glasses also have their price. The frame I reviewed here retails for around 450$. You can buy it at authorized dealers.

In addition to the frame itself what you get is a microfibre cloth a hard case and a box where everything fits in. The hard case and the microfibre cloth have an imprint on them. The frame here in this review comes out of the acetate collection. Mykita has different options when it comes to materials. The available collections are the following:

  • Metal
  • Acetate
  • Lite Acetate
  • Mylon

Here in the video below I will link you another review from the Mykita Mylon collection which is partly 3d printed.

Were there any real downsides with my Mykita frame?

In my humble opinion, this is frame is very well built. And it had no downsides. When you are looking for an optician who can adjust those frames I would recommend you visit only an authorized dealer as Mykita frames need special pliers to adjust the frames.

Those pliers are basically needed every time you want the hinge to spring back a little more. In order to do that the optician needs special pliers to make that happen. When the optician however has no experience in working with those frames they may end up scratching or breaking them.

Here in the video below you can see how the hinges get adjusted in a few steps. A regular optician could do this too with standard pliers but he or she needs to be skilled to do this. So this would be one little downside for me.

Are Mykita Glasses Durable?

Mykita glasses are very durable although not indestructible. The materials used allow the frames to bend a twisted in case an adjustment needs to be done at the frame to make it fit better. But those frames are not made for extreme durability. They are made with very thin and sleek parts to make them as light as comfortable as possible.

Is Mykita a Good Brand?

Mykita is a good brand. The quality of MYKITA glasses is higher compared to the mainstream brands. If you compare them to other brands you simply have less stress compared to other manufacturers with coatings, misaligned glasses, or cold soldered joints (breaks).

I can also describe the quality of the glasses that way. I see people wearing MYKITA glasses less often than customers with other frames. Because there is less that can disguise. Most of the other frames have screws in their elements that hold the lenses in place. If the screw loosens, it must of course be tightened. However, the frames at MYKITA do not have any screwed elements.

One less reason for you to come by for a small service repair. Conventional frames also have screws on the hinges that connect the middle part of the glasses to the temples. Here, too, no screw can be loosened because there is none.

Can Mykita Glasses Be Repaired?

Mykita Glasses can be repaired. Depending on the lineup of their frames you bought the methods will vary from fusing the acetate parts together to welding the metal parts. Important to know is to visit an authorized optical store. In most cases, they can help you a little faster because they might have the spare parts in stock you need to fix your glasses.

Out of my experience, I can say when you need to send it in to repair the frame this process can take a few weeks. So be prepared to have a pair of spare glasses available when a repair needs to be done on your Mykita glasses.

I wish you a great day.

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