Prada vs Dior Sunglasses – Which Is Better?

Prada and Dior sunglasses are both in the premium range. Dior is generally a bit more expensive than Prada and Prada Sport. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the brands and the similarities.

The experience with the Prada and Dior sunglasses depends very much on the particular models that are selected. You can not directly say that Prada or Dior is better. However, after reading this article you will know much easier if you have the right sunglasses on your nose and should buy them or not.

In this article, we will compare one pair of Dior sunglasses and one pair of Prada sunglasses in Aviator style.

On the left side, you can see me wearing a Prada PR 60WS and on the right side, you can see a DIOR CAMP.

Prada vs Dior Lens Quality

Both lenses differ only by a coating. But the difference in terms of visual quality is quite big. The Dior has significantly fewer reflections than the Prada sunglasses due to its anti-reflective coating. This is especially noticeable in quite large sunglasses like these, where a relatively large amount of light can enter from the side.

These usually look better in style than sunglasses in the wrap-around style but the UV protection and the protection against glare are of course lower. Especially at the edge of the Prada the reflections are so strong that I can perceive what is behind me as a slight reflection. That was almost all the time so. With the Dior, which was a bit larger, I had to really concentrate on the reflections to perceive them.

On top, you can see the Prada sunglasses. As you can see they are not coated with an AR (anti-reflective coating). As a result, way more light bounces back off the back surface into your eyes

To be fair, it must be said that Dior sunglasses are not generally provided with an anti-reflective coating and Prada is not. The coatings are namely model and configuration dependent. However, I would pay attention to your next Prada or Dior in any case, that this coating is there because I found the Prada in the condition disturbing.

If you want to learn more about anti-reflective coatings I have an article here for you ready.

The rest of the lenses are comparable. 85% tint this is quite dark but there is in any sunglasses. At this price range, I would have liked to see real glass lenses, which would have made the whole thing more durable. Ray Bans for example still offer glass lenses. But that would have made both sunglasses a little heavier.

In the picture below you can see how straight the glasses sit on the face and how open the Prada is from the side. That leaves plenty of room for the light to reach your eyes. However, if you wanted real protection I would advise against both sunglasses. Once a Prada or Dior with more curved lenses would be chosen the protection would be optimal. Because both have 100% UV protection.

In terms of maintenance, the Prada and Dior lenses were about equally bad to clean. Even I, as an optician, have to struggle with this when I’m out and about. Something is constantly on it if I don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner at hand.

Prada vs Dior Durabilty

In terms of durability, there are no real differences between Prada and Dior. Both have plastic lenses and the workmanship looks similarly sturdy. The Prada has a material mix of metal and acetate in this comparison and the Dior is completely made of metal. In the long run, the acetate may discolor due to contact with sweat and UV light. However, the same could happen with the Dior coating.

Do the hinges feel durable?

The hinges feel quite similar when opening and closing. What is only noticeable is that the Dior glasses due to your lower stiffness in the middle of the frame more bouncy.

This lower stiffness is due to the design because the Prada is simply welded in several places while that is the case with the Dior in only one place per side. That makes a mechanical defect a bit more likely.


To know if Prada or Dior is right for you when it comes to sunglasses you should put on different models of both labels. But not only that. Due to the different designs in lens qualities you can get, you should also go through the different options together with your optician. Of course, many also buy their sunglasses online. In such a case I recommend you to look for polarized and anti-reflective sunglasses at Prada and Dior. Usually, you will have a more relaxed vision with them than with the basic versions.

It is also important that you are clear about whether you want sunglasses that give you the best UV protection or ones that look cool. Because as you could see in the picture above falls quite a lot of light and thus also UV light sideways on my eye.

Have the above points in mind when choosing your sunglasses and compare some of the options. Only then you can gather your own experience and perceive if an option makes a difference for you. So when buying sunglasses take them outside and move your head around try different lenses to see if the contrasts change for you. Wearing sunglasses can be very subjective in regards to the visual experience.

For example, I once sold polarized Prada sunglasses and the person returned them because he could not see the displays in the car anymore. They appeared simply black. But most people love polarized lenses.

In the example between Dior and Prada, I have compared only two evenly tinted lenses. In addition to these, there are, for example, gradient lenses that become brighter towards the bottom or lenses that automatically become brighter or darker. You will only find out what is right for you during an individual consultation.

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