How Good Are Prada Sunglasses?

In this article, you will learn more about Prada sunglasses. We will have a closer look at the different options materials used and how high the quality is compared to other brands in relation to the price tags.

In general Prada sunglasses are good in regards to the UV Protection and the built quality. But they are not exceeding other brands that are even cheaper as Prada.

There are two collections available of Prada sunglasses. The first has the classic Prada label in silver lettering. The second collection is called Prada sport and has a white lettering and a red background. Both have plastic lenses with standards tints and filters.

Compared to the glass lenses of Ray Ban Prada lenses are a lot less scratch resistant. Compared to the filters and tints of Maui Jim lenses the contrast are lower and while some wearers refer to this as more natural perceived colors most people will prefer other lenses in regards to the visual quality.

However in regards to the looks Prada sunglasses produce trends and are well known for their great design language. This is why more fashion averse customers tend to buy Prada because every season new models set the course for the rest of the industry in regards to the styles.

You will know if Prada sunglasses are the right choice for you after reading the next paragraphs. If you are interested in a direct comparison between Prada and Ray Ban sunglasses I have an article here for you ready.

The photographs show me wearing Prada sunglasses. I really like the look from the front. But in regards to the UV protection the sides are too open. I am still blinded by the sun from the sides and UV protection would be better with lenses that are more curved.

Durability of Prada Sunglasses

The durability of Prada sunglasses is comparable to other brand when it comes to the frames. Usually acetate, polyamide or stainless steel is used to produce Prada eyewear. Those are all long lasting materials. When it comes to the durability of the lenses scratches are a major issue. The lenses are made out of polycarbonate which has a good impact resistance but the scratch resistance is quite bad.

Even when you take good care of your Prada sunglasses little scratches accumulate over time. The big advantage of polycarbinate is the light weight. In most cases Prada sunglasses are a bit bigger compared to other brands. As eyewear tends to get bigger it makes sense to keep the weight of the materials down to ensure a comfortable feeling when wearing the sunglasses.

But real glass lenses like you could get with Ray Bans would be a better fit in my opinion as the scratches diminish the premium experience of sunglasses very quickly.

How Good Are the Lenses of Prada Sunglasses?

The lenses of Prada sunglasses are good standard polycarbonate lenses. The effectively shield your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. But the contrasts look flatter with Prada sunglasses compared to other brands that deliver a more vibrant color experience. For example in the chart below with the spectral analysis from Prada sunglasses in comparison to Maui Jim sunglasses you can see a big difference when it comes to filtering certain wavelengths of the visible light.

Maui Jims sunglasses are well known for high contrasts. In this case super thin glass lenses of Maui Jim and Prada polycarbonate lenses get compared in the chart. Nearly every wavelength is filtered differently. But not all wearers of sunglasses prefer very high contrasts. Some refer to Prada’s tinted lenses as being more natural with the less popping colors.

The diagram shows differences in transmittance of Prada and Maui Jim sunglasses.

Not all Prada sunglasses come with an anti reflective coating. This is really unfortunate because I personally had not a good experience with big Prada lenses in combination with the lesser curved lenses. Many people have the same experience. When the antireflective coating is missing more light bounces back from the back surface of the lenses into your eyes.

First this can lead to a situation in which you see your own eyes which is obviously not good. The second situation in which this is not good is when the environment reflects itself in the back surface. I always had this issue in the periphery of the lenses. And it definitely diminished the premium experience of my Prada sunglasses. So make sure you have an anti-reflective coating on them.

This option is available only in combination with certain models.

Do Prada Sunglasses have 100% UV Protection?

Prada sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. However the protection only works perfectly when the sunglasses cover a lot of surface of your eyes from the front and from the sides. Therefore very wrapped around sunglasses have a better UV protection from the sides compared to the ones that sit very straight in your face.

Are Prada Glasses Polarized?

Not all Prada sunglasses are polarized. The option with polarization is available in combination with certain models.

How can you tell if Prada sunglasses are polarized?

There are two ways to find out of your Prada sunglasses are polarized. First simply look at the right temple. Polarized Prada sunglasses have the polarized option written out in the temple in white lettering. On white or transparent frames the lettering is dark.

The photograph show the polarized lettering inside on the right temple of Prada sunglasses. This how you can tell if Prada sunglasses are polarized.

The second way to tell if your prada sunglasses are polarized goes like this. Put on your sunglasses. Tilt your head 60 degrees to the left or right and look at a screen. If the sunglasses are polarized, the screen will appear black through the glass because the glare properties cancel each other out.

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